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The Watermark at Houston Heights shares insight on how to celebrate the holidays with someone in an assisted living facility.

What is the best way to provide emotional support for someone in senior care during the holiday season?

While the holidays can be a joyful and highly anticipated time of year, once-beloved traditions can cause depression, confusion, and frustration, especially for those living with cognitive change. It's common for individuals with Alzheimer's disease and dementia to become overwhelmed in social situations, leading them to emotionally and physically withdraw from loved ones. 

Before the holiday season, it's important for families and friends to discuss their loved one's current interests with care associates and be willing to amend certain traditions to accommodate their needs better. For instance, rather than a full day of holiday shopping, shorter visits to a few favorite shops can allow seniors and their loved ones to continue celebrating the joys of the season.   

What are three tips for making the holidays more festive for someone in senior care? 

The Watermark at Houston Heights is committed to creating an intimate, vibrant setting where seniors thrive. During the holidays, they help residents feel the warmth of the season by celebrating their interests. Listening to favorite holiday songs can bring back many happy moments, and singing or playing music can elicit joy and relieve stress. Family and friends are encouraged to assist their loved ones in decorating their residences and share favorite customs to be celebrated with other residents and associates.

What are some fun or practical holiday gifts to give someone in assisted living? 

The most cherished gifts for a loved one in an assisted living community can bring comfort, compassion, and enjoyment. Cozy blankets and soft socks can provide an extra layer of warmth for winter, while large print books, puzzles, or adult coloring books can inspire creativity and engagement. Above all, a heartful gift that speaks to your loved one's interests and needs or captures beloved moments spent together will make the holiday season brighter. 

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