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Intentional self-care

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How to Keep Things Light & Bright Through the Holidays

When I think nostalgically about the holidays, I think of dancing sugar plums, glittering lights, tasty treats, and time well spent with loved ones. When I think practically, however, I have to be mindful not to get hung up on never-ending to-do lists, or get swept away by a slew of loose ends needing completion before the end of the year. While there is no guarantee that the holidays will go off without a hitch (despite our best-laid plans!), entering the season with clear intentions and a healthy mindset helps us enjoy more good tidings and fewer bah-humbugs!

First things first. Before launching into everyone else’s holiday gifts, make space for your biggest gift of the season: intentional self-care.  Carve out pockets of time to rest, be quiet, breathe deeply, move, eat healthy foods, hydrate, limit screen time, and engage in activities that energize you. Seriously, you don’t have time to skip this! If you run yourself ragged, you will dampen the merry and bright qualities of your holiday experience.

In addition to making sure you are firing on all cylinders, be mindful of how you approach the competing demands of the holidays. You may be used to doing all the things and pleasing all the people, but a rewarding month comes when we set realistic expectations (for ourselves and others) and set healthy boundaries. Putting excessive pressure on yourself (and others) to keep up, impress, or achieve perfection is a surefire way to play an unwinnable game. Prioritize your wellbeing: No is a full sentence. If you miss a cookie swap, a networking mixer, or a night out when you really need a night in, life will go on AND you will thank yourself for it. Make time for what matters most and be willing to lighten up. If something goes sideways, remember that laughing over life’s little snags and hiccups can actually lead to richer bonding and memories made.

Lastly, make space to reflect on the high points of your year, celebrate personal growth, and set intentions for the next year, while acknowledging gratitude for the people and things that contribute to you.

Whatever this season brings, following these tips can help you to stay intentional and mindful with an eye on whole health. Practice now and you will slide into the New Year recharged and ready for 2024’s fresh starts and new beginnings.

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  • Intentional self-care
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