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Micro Changes for Big Results

Simple Tips To Uplift Your Workday

A wise Irish philosopher once rhapsodized that “nothing changes New Year’s Day.” Well, if this thought occurs to U2 (sorry - you too), maybe you’re just taking far too wide of a view of what change can be. Instead of huge, life-altering changes, perhaps it’s those micro changes that can get you started on a better path — or at least feel a tiny bit more productive in your professional life.

That said, here are some easy ideas to get your workday humming just a little bit better.


Setting more attainable goals    

Break down goals into micro steps this week.

Planning/Scheduling out the time each micro-step will take this week.

Scheduling micro-steps in your calendar this week.

Write goals on a paper/post-it and put them within eyesight at your desk this week.

Tracking goal progress in a notebook or electronic document this week. Note progress daily.

Work Ethic:

Being more prepared for meetings         

Reading the meeting agenda 30 minutes before meetings this week.

Writing a list of any questions/comments I may have before meetings this week. Writing them in the order of the meeting agenda.

Preparing & testing the technology I need for meetings this week at least an hour in advance.

Rehearsing my presentation & preparing materials the day before the meetings this week.

Use the restroom before meetings start this week.

Bringing a notebook and extra pens to meetings this week.

Actively listening and writing down questions or notes throughout meetings this week.


Steering clear of burn-out           

Leaving all work projects at work when I go home today.

Logging how many hours I work each week (even if you don't get paid hourly).

Saying no to projects and obligations I may just not have time for this week.

Understand at what hours I am most productive and will get the most work done and adapt my schedule if possible.

If working at home, setting strict times when I'm "at the office".


Being more positive      

Being more aware of the language I use with self-talk and to others today.

Keeping count of how much I complain today. Write it down.

Giving people the benefit of the doubt when I speak with them today.

Focus on the positive in my tasks and interactions today.

Beginning meetings with positive messages this week.

Creating high points in my week (things to look forward to).


Being a more effective communicator   

Using good eye contact and speaking slowly, and clearly.

Communicating with the most important point first, then follow with an explanation today.

Walking into a room with my shoulders back and a smile on my face today.

Face my entire body to a person when they're speaking today and making good eye contact.

Communicating at optimal times today (for example, avoiding 1 am emails).

Communicating in bullet points, instead of lengthy paragraphs this week.

Asking teammates what times they prefer to collaborate during the week.

Putting down my phone and being present for people when face-to-face.

Use the one minute Superhero Pose to build confidence: Hands on your hips, legs shoulder width apart, lift your chest and hold your head up high with your chin tilted.