Mid-Winter Fun

Unplug with New or Classic Board Games to Beat the Cold-Weather Blues

The mid-winter doldrums can mute even the cheeriest personality. This is the perfect time to unplug with a board game. Gathering family or friends around the table to test their non-video gaming skills can brighten the dullest day.

"I think everybody to some extent is kind of craving something that gets them away from their screens and being online," says Maddie Clausius, manager and "gamemaster" at The Toy Store on Massachusetts Street. "Even when you're playing a game online, it's not the same as having it physically in front of you, being able to touch the pieces and interact with the people you're playing."

One place to start is by choosing a classic. Clausius pointed out that games such as Uno, Clue, Candy Land, and chess endure because they never stop being fun to play. However, for those looking for something new, here are some popular choices:

Tapple 10: This is a flip it, name it, word game. Players of all ages can enjoy flipping a card to see a letter and then trying to think of a word to match a specific topic.

Debatable: A deck of 200 cards with topics to debate. Don't worry—no politics, religion or anything controversial is included—unless discussing if a hot dog is a sandwich gets you riled up!

Heap-O-Sheep: Fun for all ages. Each player tries launching their sheep into a field. The first person to get all their sheep into the field wins.

Mind the Gap Trivia Game: This game is for all generations—Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z. Answer questions pop culture questions from the different decades.

StarLink: A drawing party game where you turn a secret word into a constellation using only straight lines—in one minute!

Learn more about The Toy Store and all the fun they offer at TheToyStoreOnline.com.

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