MIHS Students Deserve Better

Dreams Becoming a Reality Through Community Efforts

Luke Myklebust is the captain of the football team and on the field, is the holder of the MIHS tackling record. One day after practice, he was talking to his dad Eric and voiced a widespread, yet under-the-radar opinion.

Luke told his father, "There are so many kids who don't use the fitness center because it's run-down, un-motivating, and unfit for this school and really, the community. You should see the fitness centers at other KingCo high schools. They put us to shame!"

It was the spark that lit the fire!

Eric Myklebust sprung into action and owned it. Without Eric's determination and passion, dare we say, this may still be an under-the-radar predicament with students left holding the bag. They all deserve better!

Eric immediately started talking to people that would listen and began getting support from all the coaches to completely renovate the fitness center into something better. Eric brought together boosters, parents, the community, and even alumni to raise funds.

"It's been amazing how the community has rallied behind this amazing goal,” said Scott Rockfeld. Scott is spearheading the marketing and promotion of this incredible project. Thank you Scott for being the story-teller for MI City Lifestyle.

"A welcoming, All-Inclusive, state-of-the-art Fitness Center that will support ALL students – from those who are earning PE credits to our State-caliber athletes...and everybody in between." - Lindsey Blaine Athletic Director

The idea for the new MIHS Fitness Center is to create a welcoming, inclusive fitness center that would support all students and not just be a weight room. A true transformation! Weights will be rubberized for durability and longevity.

"They are also getting creative, adding things like TRX bands, rowing machines, and lighter bars to make it accessible for women and younger kids too." - Scott Rockfeld

The total cost is estimated at $250k but the value in equipment and intangible ones, like pride, are so much more. The Freedmans, owners of the Fitness Outlet, have generously offered to provide everything at cost, thereby making the money go further. The school district will cover $100k for much needed new flooring, which left $150k for the community to raise. (Scan the QR Code to donate)

After 18 months, the community has raised $130k, and is now $20k short of their goal. Some of Mercer Island’s athletes are going to private training facilities and have gone as far as enrolling in private schools because the current attention is deficient. We all hope to see this change soon when MIHS has a new state-of-the-art fitness center that will be the center of student athletic life for years to come.

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