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Milking The Moment

Dakin Dairy Farms Educates Area Children About Healthy Milk Production. Now Jerry Dakin Is Nominated For Florida Farmer Of The Year.

Dakin Dairy Farms is a true local treasure. One of the last working dairy farms in our area, Dakin Dairy has welcomed families and school groups to tour its facilities for decades, treating kids to an immersive education in how a healthy, sustainable dairy operates, cares for its cows, produces milk, cheese and ice cream. The sprawling 1700-acre farm offers play areas and hands-on experiences. The Dakin Farm Café serves delicious breakfasts and lunches from 9 AM to 2 PM Monday through Friday, and the Dakin Farm Market, open 9 AM to 6 PM, has a wide variety of dairy products and Dakin Dairy Farms souvenirs.

The continuing success of Dakin Dairy Farms is due in large part to owner Jerry Dakin, who has been named a finalist for Florida Farmer of the Year. The farm was started by his dad, Pete Dakin, in Livermore, Maine in 1948. From a modest sixteen cows, the operation grew over the post-World War II years. When Pete Dakin returned from a trip down south in October 1963, he informed his wife Jeannette that she and their four boys were moving to Florida. 

“Being the youngest of the children allowed me the opportunity to learn a great deal from my brothers,” Jerry says. “I learned all I could about farming and knew early on that it would become a lifelong passion. As most young people do, I tried my hand at a few other businesses and took different elective courses in community college, but I always came back to farming.”

Jerry was nominated for Florida Farmer of the Year by Andy Neuhofer, District Field Supervisor at Florida Farm Bureau. “One of Jerry’s interests is involving and supporting young people in agricultural education projects and events through Farm Bureau programs and other organizations,” Andy says. “He’s also been a quiet but generous contributor, in terms of funds and product, to a number of local charities and events. He hosts students at his dairy farm, introducing many children of all ages to Florida farming and agritourism opportunities. He moves 100 percent of his own milk, using his own trucks, thereby ensuring quality and freshness.”

Visiting Dakin Dairy Farms is a tradition not to be missed. Kids love watching the cows being milked, and then petting the farm’s cute calves. A delicious, homemade ice cream cone makes for a perfect day. From everyone at Venice City Lifestyle, congratulations Jerry on your much deserved award!   

30771 Betts Rd, Myakka City. 941.322.2802.

  • Jerry Dakin, nominated for Farmer of the Year, with his dog, Brie.
  • Dakin Dairy Farms teaches children all about raising health cows and quality milk.
  • Kids of all ages love visiting Dakin Dairy Farms.
  • Enjoy $1 scoops of homemade ice cream at Dakin Dairy Farms.