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“Million Bazillion” Makes Money Fun

This podcast-based musical makes financial education accessible for kids.

Toby Emert devised "Million Bazillion: The Musical" based on the American Public Media children’s podcast, co-hosted by Bridget Bodnar. We had the opportunity to speak with them both about the process and its mission.

Why did you create this show for kids?

I wanted to build a Theatre for Young Audiences show with audience participation about real-life issues. 

Why is it important to teach children about finances?

When kids know how money works, they make better decisions later in life. It can be a fraught topic that parents don’t always know how to address with their children, and the podcast and musical provide prompts to start conversations. 

How have audiences reacted?

Kids loved shouting out answers and being a part of the show! Agnes Scott College has a grant from the National Endowment of the Arts to study its impact, and we hope to address financial education inequity in the process.

How does the magic of music work with this practical topic?

This musical follows the formula of learn, say what you learned, then sing what you learned. All of its original songs hook into wordplay and repetition alongside a fabulous four-piece band.

Agnes Scott College’s new department, Creative Arts, is reimagining where the arts live in our society. Follow along for upcoming theatre, music, and dance productions.

Million Bazillion, the podcast, is releasing season five in April. They will be covering a range of new topics like unions, college savings accounts, and how cars are made.