Embracing Parenthood

Navigating New Routines with Jacqueline Fransway and DJ Thoma

In September, we welcomed our new baby girl Rayna into this wonderful world. The three of us are navigating this new life and routine that we all know can be a bit crazy. With the new year upon us, we are striving to maintain our healthy habits that we have created prior to the birth of Rayna. This includes eating well, whether it’s a home-cooked meal or a date night at one of our favorite restaurants. We strive to keep our food as pure as possible. When it comes time for exercise, we try not to skip a beat. This may include something as simple as a family walk outside, a quick hit workout at home or a fun workout class with others. This combination not only makes us feel good, but provides us with more energy and confidence to tackle each day. Our little family will be soaking in the Vitamin D all winter long in Naples. We look forward to seeing all of your beautiful faces out and about. 

With love and health,

Jacqueline and DJ

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