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As a survivor of domestic abuse, Lacie Douthitt turned to jiu-jitsu, a self-defense martial art, as an avenue to find empowerment, strength, and healing. While competing in the sport, Lacie met her husband Marcus, and the mom of two began to relearn trust through jiu-jitsu.

The Douthitts launched Stoic Jiu Jitsu in Dripping Springs in 2022 with a vision to invest in strengthening men, women, and children to be strong in body and mind. 

Stoic Jiu Jitsu takes a family-focused approach. Lacie says, “Relationships are why we’re here, and jiu-jitsu facilitates relationship. The thing I love most about our jiu-jitsu community in Dripping is it’s not just men who train. Seventy percent of our students are parents whose children train as well … leading by example.”

Jiu-jitsu is excellent for alleviating anxiety, supporting cardiovascular health, building mental fortitude, and learning self-defense, situational awareness, and conflict resolution.

“We teach the mental fortitude of self-protection–never give up, even in your darkest hour. It’s the strength in yourself to know you always have a chance.”

Lacie adds, “Don’t think about this as just protecting yourself; this is you relearning body awareness. When you roll in jiu-jitsu, you’re learning about your body through movement and pressure. If you can take the first step to invest in yourself and decide you’re worth it, our instructors can slowly, steadily build on each skill with you to grow your trust in your body and mindset.”

How can we master the dichotomy of being strong and gentle? Stoic Jiu Jitsu exists to develop this mindset. 

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