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Lunar Faire Creates Weird Goodness for their Faithful

Article by Don Seaman

Photography by Don Seaman

Originally published in Wayne Lifestyle

October is a month that conjures up something that’s not found in other months thanks to Halloween – an expectation of the unusual and spooky. And those are things that are just oozing out of Lunar Faire everywhere you turn.

Fairfield-based Lunar Faire is the brainchild of Tiffany Casey and Kelly Daigon. It’s a nighttime event that celebrates the things that October is most famous for, from a certain perspective. That includes all things weird, spiritual, inclusive, and healing. It also helps if you’re extremely open-minded. To tap into the spiritual mindset, the event is held monthly from April until November on full-moon nights.

Lunar Faire began back in 2021 with a small event on a beach in Oakland. Tiffany’s first foray into it was a modest affair, with less than fifty vendors and some entertainment. They immediately knew that they needed more space for what they were doing, so they began to find larger venues to hold their events.

Since then, it’s grown to have musicians, offbeat shows and performances, health and wellness specialists, food trucks, potions booths (led by Tiffany’s sister Kryssy Hines, serving only non-alcoholic custom-conjured drinks) and hundreds of merchants. They even have a dedicated parking crew to assist with traffic and logistics. Thousands have attended, many repeatedly throughout the season. And their influence has grown across the state. Some of their most recent events have been held in Atlantic City, the Sussex County Fairgrounds, the Burlington County Fairgrounds, and even at the old Jungle Habitat site in West Milford. They were even recently named the best fair in Sussex County, topping the massively popular Sussex County Fair.

“The goal has always been to provide a safe space and welcome community for all people. It’s become a community unto itself, with Lunar Faire at its core,” explains Tiffany.

According to Erin Jowaisas, one of Lunar Faire’s senior management team, it’s got sort of a “Field of Dreams” thing about it. “Tiffany created something that didn’t exist. She built it and they came.”

It’s pretty common knowledge that the moon has an impact on all of us here on Earth, from tides to gravity to simply lighting up the night sky. For those who have been part of the Lunar Faire experience, they’ve found that it’s brought light to their very soul.

 To see more about the unique experience Lunar Faire has to offer, go to their website, lunarfaire.com.

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