NatureMind Coaching

Centering Yourself with Mindy Dow, Eco Life Coach

You can find her where the wild things are - often near water, an untroubled meadow, or a mountainside trail. This is where she carves a safe space to coach (never coddle) clients through special sessions that teach how to reach inner peace. Mindy Dow, founder of NatureMind Coaching, is an Eco Coach who uses the power of nature to transform mind, body, and spirit.

Mother Nature is a force to be reckoned with, and there’s no better place to recenter than out in the elements. Mindy Dow is not a therapist who digs up past trauma. Her coaching sessions are held outside, in a place to breathe and reflect. Many who depend on self-help books struggle to heal and continue the cycle. The same habits do not work and it's easy to feel stuck, overwhelmed, or disconnected. Mindy guides a perspective change, to foster mindfulness and engagement.

Unlike mainstream alternative healthcare focusing on a singular modality, NatureMind Coaching approaches somatic healing to capture the trinity of mind, body, and spirit. These practices help correlate how stress affects the body, troubles the mind, and keeps the spirit low. Mindy is equipped with a background in advising, teaching, and guiding. Her accomplishments are as playfully philanthropic as they are professional. Grab a glimpse of her paddle boarding as an Outdoor Guide or adding to her 27+ years of teaching experience.  She is currently polishing her accreditation with the International Coaching Federation specializing in Mindfulness. Mindy is a self-master at work-life balance - and NatureMind Coaching shows you how to cultivate a flex-life mindset.

“The environment you choose becomes your learning canvas,” she begins to map. Imagine. . .

A Charlotte’s web of sun-rays slice through Eastern Hemlocks and the needles beneath your feet feel like a magic carpet. You float, equally as effortlessly, on its glassy waters while docked on a mossy embankment. Perhaps you reflect on the landscape of the current moment while perched atop a mountain peak.

These are the settings for Mindy's sessions.

They seem to be marked with serendipitous signs. Her coachees recall when animals act as messengers: deer or birds appearing at quintessential times to arrange themselves in special formations. An Aesop’s fable unfolds and coachees see the veil can be lifted to reveal a truer meaning to their story and how they can proactively participate as author.

We reminisce on time spent outdoors as kids and the character it cultivates: unbridled curiosity, gritty confidence, and moxy. We can all agree on the teeming angst that builds when cooped up inside physically or trapped within our heads. NatureMind Coaching finds thought-provoking ways for younger generations to get in touch with themselves through the outdoors instead of touch screens and technology. They step outside their comfort zone and become Player Number One in their own Game of Life taking a lead stake in their well-being and development. Mother Nature is bountiful but unyielding - a neutral master of many life lessons who not only teaches us but tends to us, too.

Mindy carefully reads the cadence of each coaching session and can pair it with the perfect place to care for each individual's mental, physical, and spiritual state. For mentees who feel anxious and overcrowded, she strays away from settings with added chaos like thundering waterfalls where onlookers compete to be heard against the roar.

In an era where modern society is overstimulated and attached to more, Mindy formulates essential 52-week curriculums personalized to the rhythm of the seasons. The point is to change perspective. She redirects the inner compass to align with authenticity to first build a solid foundation before setting out to make an imprint on the world. The results are witnessed in ‘aha’ moments that progress to a paradigm shift.

Mindfulness and coaching within nature inspire curiosity, clarity, and compassion. Life bursts open with vibrancy when there's awareness. This results in a feeling of control and balance, which opens the door for abundant opportunities to flow. On the right track, everyday pressures bear less weight. The frequency elevates, and good vibes result. The cycle is no longer a downward spiral! Instead, each day is a living testimony to the ever-evolving attraction of what’s authentic alignment. 

NatureMind Coaching is rooted in principles akin to inquiry, cohesiveness, and love. It’s for those who aren't afraid to explore Where The Sidewalk Ends or for those who seek to reignite the Light in the Attic. So if you feel like you’re Falling Up or you're on the last limb of your Giving Tree - reach for Mindy.

Mindy Dow
(413) 464-1362

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