Mission Accomplished

A Dentist's Cause

When not at his office, Dr. Horacio Falcon travels to the Dominican Republic once a year with 3 other dentists and 20 or more students.  They are in the Republic for about 4-5 days and treat approximately 200-300 patients. A few years back, he remembers a 6-year old that was in a lot of pain and couldn't sleep, Dr. Falcon found a bump on the back of this boy's head and immediately sent him to the nearest hospital.  The doctors found an abscess between the tissue and the skull.  A few days later, the boy's grandmother came up to Dr. Falcon and hugged him for saving her grandson's life. 

Dr. Falcon enjoys giving back since he feels fortunate to have the opportunity to do what he does.  He also enjoys teaching his students about the disparities around the globe.  He feels that these mission trips open the eyes of his students and gives them extensive surgical experience. Dr. Falcon has also started a scholarship program through the University of Detroit, where he attended dental school so that students can attend who otherwise might not be able to.  "It is fun when you can create opportunities for people." 

Dr. Falson lives in Grosse Pointe with his wife, Christina, and 8, 4, and 7-month-old children.   

Falcon Dental Group is located at 20690 Vernier Road, Harper Woods, MI 48225, 313.884.3050,

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