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Mission Animal Hospital

Quality, Compassionate Care for Pets and Their People

If they are nearby, have a look at your dog or cat right now. To say that you are fond of this creature would be an understatement. You would spend whatever it costs to keep them happy and healthy.

Many people don’t share this luxury. Among Americans who earn less than $50,000 annually, 40% have given up their pets because they couldn’t afford veterinary care. Cost alone is why one million families must say goodbye to their beloved Luna, Lucy, Bella or Buddy every single year.

Mission Animal Hospital cannot help all of these people and their pets, yet they are making a great difference all the same. As the Midwest’s sole independent nonprofit veterinary practice, the Eden Prairie hospital provides compassionate, high-quality care to 25,000 dogs and cats every year – many of whom belong to families which could have afforded no other care options.

“I used to work at a for-profit clinic,” said Dr. Susan Miller, founder and executive director of Mission Animal Hospital. “Every day I had to turn people away because they couldn’t afford their pets’ care. I became fatigued from saying no – and disheartened, knowing they wouldn’t have anywhere else to turn to.

“That’s why I purchased this clinic and changed it to a nonprofit organization in 2014. It is hard work, but it has been wonderful to treat pets in an environment where ‘no’ is rarely talked about. That mindset has reinvigorated my passion for veterinary medicine, and the other doctors who have joined our team all feel the same way.”

“We’re providing an essential service to our community,” said Christine Durand, director of development for Mission Animal Hospital. “Every morning before we open, a line has already formed outside our door. These people may have brought their pets in for routine checkups or urgent care, but regardless of their best friends’ needs they can rest assured we will provide for them.

“We get so many opportunities to make a difference here. And it’s rewarding for our staff to be able to help these pets and their families – sometimes in unexpected ways! There was one cat, Kato, who recently came to us with a dislocated jaw. Our veterinarian gave Kato a general anesthetic and reset his jaw, but she did it in a special and adorable way. Two bright blue buttons positioned on Kato’s cheeks held his sutures in place and stabilized his jaw while he healed. The innovative technique also allowed him to open his mouth just wide enough so he could eat. And it’s cute as a button! Kato’s family was very grateful that he was able to get treated here at Mission.

“Mavis was another recent case that really stood out. This little corgi came in not feeling well. She was anemic and having difficulty walking. After some tests our team discovered the problem – she had swallowed some pennies, which were releasing toxic zinc into her bloodstream. Mavis received a blood transfusion thanks to a donation from one of our staff’s pets, and then surgery the following day to remove the pennies. The acid in Mavis’s stomach was so strong that it had actually eaten a hole through one of the coins!

“We offer a two-tier pricing system,” said Dr. Miller. “Both Kato’s and Mavis’s parents were part of our Mission Program, which more than 80% of our clients qualify for based on their income levels. Mission Program pets receive veterinary care that is partially subsidized by our donors. Thanks to the generous support of our community, as well as our clients who elect to pay full price for care, we were able to provide more than $1.1 million in subsidized care last year.”

Mission Animal Hospital is located at 10100 Viking Drive in Eden Prairie. To learn more about their affordable pet care and how you can help support their mission, please visit

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