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Misty chasing life's adventures, skydiving!

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Misty's Favorite Things

A curated list featuring some of our publisher Misty's favorite things!

Our publisher Misty has a true adventure seeking spirit and loves sharing that spirit with others!! To know her is to love her. She is exceptionally gifted in the art of connection, making friends feel like family, and she is genuinely passionate about being a pillar in her community. She charges bravely into every chapter of her life and in staying true to herself, we wanted to share with you a glimpse of just a few things that make up a part of who she is and that tell some of her story.

  • Misty chasing life's adventures, skydiving!
  • Soaking in sunsets, one of her favorite things.
  • Finding tranquility paddle boarding on Windsor lake
  • Being with friends and family she loves.
  • Seeing the world and traveling.
  • Getting outdoors and enjoying a healthy lifestyle!
  • Community is stronger together