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MJ Johnson Finds Solutions

After Thirty Years As An MSN Nurse And Hospital Administrator, MJ Switched Fields To Help People Navigate Health Care

When you bring your health care needs to MJ Johnson, you’re in the hands of an expert who cares. Friendly, warm and deeply knowledgeable about the health care industry, MJ has made it her life’s mission to help those in need of health care guidance, options, and assistance with difficult costs. 

After all, MJ has been caring for people her whole life. A Masters prepared nurse and hospital administrator with cardiology and wound care specialties, MJ spent thirty years at hospital bedsides, or overseeing those at the point of care. She traveled the nation and the world in this capacity, from Alaska to London and back again.

Then three years ago, MJ had an epiphany so profound, it caused a major life change for her.

“I saw too many patients not getting the care they needed because their health insurance wouldn’t pay for it,” she explains at her Nokomis home. “I was getting physically and emotionally sick trying to get these patients the appropriate care. They were older folks with no family, no one to help them. I have a friend who is also a hospital administrator. I said to him, ‘I’d love to change the system.’ He said, ‘Well, you can’t. But what can you do to help people?’ I realized I could go back to school. So I did. I went back to school and became a broker.”

MJ acknowledges that changing professions was challenging. “It was not easy," she says. "I have to thank my mom, Nancy, and sister, Vicki, and all my friends. Their love and support have helped me be successful.” 

Now with the Lombard, Illinois based Healthcare Solutions Team, MJ spends her days navigating the maze of the many insurance companies, finding the best mix of policies to help her clients. Hers is an intimate, concierge service. Through her intake protocols, she discovers just what her clients need based on their ages, incomes, ailments, and prescription drug regimens. Then she devises a unique plan for each and every one to get them the best care at the lowest costs.

“I do not work with just one health insurance company,” MJ explains. “I work with as many as I need to build the best portfolio for each of my clients. I am the only one who does that. I pick your hospitalization from one company. Then I get you on another plan that covers all your wellness visits with no deductible and no copay. I find you separate plans for dental, vision, life insurance, critical illness, help with expensive medications. I even find nonprofits that will help defray prescription drug costs and in that case only charge a modest consulting fee.”

Regularly profiled on ABC 7 for her work, MJ received prizes last year for reaching $1 million in sales, and for Top Personal Production. She attributes this success to how well she has helped her clients, and how satisfied and loyal they are.

“I don’t care how much my clients make,” MJ says. “The only thing I care about is helping them. I have researched health savings plans and health matching accounts managed by actuaries doing risk management. My dad told me early on, ‘If you cannot give, you cannot get.’ I work so hard at researching all the different options available so I can help the most people. I can work health care wonders for younger people, older people, people on all sorts of budgets. People just need to call me. They’ll be amazed at the healthcare solutions I am able to find for them.” 941.286.5002.