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Modern Abundance

How Steel, Stone and Striking Flora Blend in an Eco-Friendly Boulder Scene by LID Landscapes

Colorado’s arid climate poses a slew of challenges when it comes to landscaping in Boulder. Yet these are the circumstances that local LID Landscapes has been expertly navigating and mastering for nearly 40 years.

“In addition to improving the outdoor living spaces of our clients, we really see ourselves as stewards of the environment,” says Andrew Holler, operations manager with LID Landscapes. “Smart irrigation design is so critical here in Boulder Valley, and it’s a service we pride ourselves in providing.”

So when LID was approached to rework the landscape of a South Boulder Martin Acres home in a way that would enhance and complement the unique angles of the structure while also remaining environmentally responsible, they answered the call.

LID utilized a unique combination of materials to create a relaxing space for the homeowners full of clean lines and a contemporary feel—standing in stark contrast to the previously overgrown landscape. Using large sheets of steel to form multi-level terraced walls, LID incorporated purposeful height to the space. The dark tones of the steel are complemented by the lighter materials used for other hardscape elements, including Butter Breeze for the pathways and Buff Flagstone for the stepper path.

Adding continual, lush pops of color throughout the growing season are a variety of plants, including ice plant, plumbago, sumac, yucca, lavender and fescue grass, all with the added benefit of requiring little water to maintain. With large moss rock boulders sprinkled throughout the space for added character and a wholly revamped irrigation system, the area embodies the modern, sustainable look that the team set out to achieve.

Perhaps the most unique feature of the landscape is the custom water feature crafted from an I-beam and metal dish, which functions both as a soothing experiential feature as well as a standout art piece to cement the landscape’s character.

“It’s always great to think outside the box and create a truly distinctive feature and space for a client,” says Scott Natter, general manager at LID Landscapes. “We like breaking the mold and creating something for our clients that is truly special.”

Summer Eco-Watering Tips

From ensuring the efficiency of your irrigation system to playing nice with the whims of the weather, there are numerous ways you can practice environmentally responsible eco-watering this summer.

·      Choose native, drought-tolerant plants for your landscape.

·      Use drip irrigation in perennial and shrub beds to reduce water needs, overspray and weeds.

·      Install a rain sensor to keep your irrigation system from watering during or after a rainstorm.

·      Ensure sprinkler heads are adjusted to water your landscape evenly.

·      Be vigilant in monitoring the health of your landscape and adjust watering accordingly.

·      Practice cycle-soaking to promote deep root growth and healthy plants that need less watering.