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Modern and Accessible

Ditch the intimidation factor and try a fresh approach to yoga at new Mason studio, YogaSix.

Chris Hack, co-owner of YogaSix in Mason, has always lived an active lifestyle, but yoga wasn’t his mainstay. However, when his wife and co-owner, Lisa Hack, convinced him to try a class he immediately enjoyed the benefits. 

“I was a typical male back then, ‘I’m just going to go lift weights, that’s not for me.’ Once I put my guard down and did it, I felt really good!,” shares Chris. “I'm a biker and a weightlifter, and I did HIIT classes and functional training. Adding yoga really helped with tightness and increased my mobility and flexibility.” 

In 2019 Chris started looking for a new venture after 11 years in the nutrition business. He had spent much of that time surrounded by all things fitness, so when YogaSix was presented to him it felt like a great fit. He and Lisa spent the next six months exploring the business. 

 “What really attracted Lisa and I to it was that we believe yoga is good for everyone. Whether you’re a marathon runner or a couch potato,” explains Chris. 

YogaSix is a modern take on the ancient practice of yoga that makes it empowering and fulfilling for all abilities and levels of fitness. They offer six core classes, plus one that combines three class types (see next page). All instructors come in with a 200 hour yoga teaching certification and also complete training specific to YogaSix, which in part, teaches language cues and common terms that everyone can understand.

Their modernized approach also creates a full sensory experience, which includes not only essential oils and eucalyptus towels for cool down, but also how the whole studio is set up.  

The studio is bathed in calm lighting with a Bose sound system playing instructor curated music. The top-of-the-line HVAC uses a UV filtration system that clears 99.9% of airborne viruses with a 15-minute program that replenishes the studio with fresh air after each class. Plus, special flooring and a high quality humidifier help create the optimal environment to practice in. 

“When you’re thinking about a warm room or hot yoga you need a good balance of quality heat and humidity. That plays into the sensory experience,” says Chris. 

 “What really attracted Lisa and I to it was that we believe yoga is good for everyone." Chris Hack, co-owner of YogaSix Mason

Find the Class that’s Right For You 

Y6 101

The perfect class if you’re brand new to yoga or looking to ease back into your practice. Get set up with all the fundamentals at a low intensity, with a focus on mindfulness. 

Y6 Slow Flow

Slower-paced (but challenging) vinyasa class, with time to transition and experience the postures as you flow. Low to mid-intensity, hitting on strength, flexibility, mindfulness and relaxation. 

Y6 Hot 

Follow a set sequence in this mid-to-high intensity workout to strengthen and stretch muscles in a heated room. Stay hydrated with a fill up at the studio’s FloWater dispenser, providing ultra filtered, purified water that’s reinforced with electrolytes.

Y6 Power 

A fast-paced, fun and challenging vinyasa class with an instructor developed flow, Y6 Power is great for building strength, focus and flexibility in a heated environment. 

Y6 Sculpt & Flow

Like a yoga and HIIT class in one, get your muscles loose with a stretch and then build strength, cardiovascular, health and endurance with dumbbells, bands and bodyweight exercises. 

Y6 Restore 

As Chris describes it, “After an hour in the room you feel like you had a massage.” A great evening class, Restore is the ultimate recovery, allowing you to stay low, open up major muscle groups and practice relaxation.  

The team at Yoga Six can help recommend classes that align with your health, weight loss or performance goals. They also have a new class called Y6 Mix, offering the best of Y6 Hot, Sculpt & Flow and Restore. Memberships are flexible and month-to-month with new specials offered regularly.