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This Birch Street Remodel Will Give You Major Home Inspiration

Article by Carolyn Davidson

Photography by Jess Blackwell Photography

Originally published in Cherry Creek Lifestyle

Classic Homeworks has been transforming Denver homes under the lead of Kelli Cost since 2005. The full-service, design-build firm takes a project from conception to construction, and finally to completion.

“We focus on Denver’s older homes,” Kelli says. “Most of our clients desire a collaboration to maintain the charm of their older home while renovating for today’s lifestyle.”

For the Birch Street Remodel, Classic Homeworks’ Design/Project Manager Erin Belongea lead the update of this Tudor home.

The lower level was completely opened up, creating a bright, airy space that flowed between the living spaces.

“Most of our clients love their older home, but are just frustrated with parts of their house,” Kelli says. “We’ve all been in a space that is awkward and doesn’t function well; when you live with it every day, it gets old very quickly. It is always fun to help people that come to us with a space in their home that doesn’t work, for whatever reason, and to solve their problems with the space. Remodeling can always be a little bumpy along the way, but we enjoy helping people to enjoy their homes again.”

This remodel was no different — the former living room and kitchen area lacked a desirable open floor plan, and the kitchen needed more storage and counter space. By opening up the main floor, the kitchen was able to be expanded with a massive 12-foot island — giving the homeowners plenty of space to store, prep and entertain.

One of the most showstopping design features of the home is the accent wall behind the dining area, covered in wood from Denver’s Reclaimed DesignWorks. The wood, an Antique Softwood Blend, gives the area texture and design, pulling your eye in from the front living space, without overpowering the space.

Upstairs, the master bedroom was turned into a stunning master suite by updating the attached bath from a powder room to a spa-like room with a full walk-in shower. In the bathroom, the limited space meant that Belongea and her team had to get creative.

“I appreciate the way we utilized the space and the angled roofline for the shower to make the most of the space,” Kelli says. “We often try to maximize space in these older homes.”

In the older homes, space might be hard to come by, but the architectural details that make them truly special are worth keeping in. For this home, one of those details was the Palladian style windows in the front room.

“[Classic Homeworks] tends to work with a “classic” style — one that will hold the test of time and that complements the remainder of the house,” Kelli explains.  “...The concept of classic can take many forms. We work in Denver’s older neighborhoods and the style of home changes from area to area — bungalows, four squares, Victorians, Tudors, mid-century moderns — but, they all have a classic element. We respect the genre of the existing structure and focus on how to make it work better for the homeowner while creating a beautiful space for them to enjoy while in their home.”