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SpotOn Productions Bridges Past and Future in Historic Home Office

If the walls at 6491 Cincinnati Dayton Road could speak, they would have stories to tell. Built in 1859, it is only fitting that the historic structure is home to SpotOn Productions, a full-service video production company that’s in the business of telling stories.

The warm and welcoming house is an inspiring place to work. Owner and Founder Mike Murray started the family business 24 years ago. He now works alongside spouse Kerry Murray, vice president, and their son, Ian Murray, president. They moved the business’ hub from their Liberty Township home to the charming row house three years ago.

The beautifully maintained home is surprisingly spacious. Ian’s office is in what was once the living room. Its centerpiece is a woodburning fireplace that is original to the home. A first-floor former bedroom houses Kerry’s office, recently refreshed with the removal of decades of wallpaper.

“We were looking for a place with a boutique feel and fun, creative atmosphere. When we saw this place, this was it,” explains Kerry. “It matches who we are.”

“Clients love coming here and so do we,” says Mike.

Each room is a showcase, bridging the past and future.

“We are one of the oldest still-standing houses in Liberty Township, with what we believe is the fastest internet,” says Kerry.

“It feels right to take something old and build something new in it,” Ian adds.

The house came with a set of historical ledgers, filled with the daily happenings of the property.

“Some of the stories are from the early 1900s, and say things like, ‘Bought 4 eggs from Mary, 25 cents,'" Mike shares. "Liberty Township has a great history. The growth from a little farming area to what it is today is incredible.”

“Here in this space, we’ve been given the opportunity to grow, get better and bring great people together,” says Kerry.

From this historic home base, SpotOn Productions continues the township legacy of passionate people that work hard, representing Liberty on a worldwide stage.

SpotOn.Productions513.779.4223, 6491 Cincinnati-Dayton Road, Liberty Township

Historic Home Turned Modern Office

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“We are one of the oldest still-standing houses in Liberty Township, with what we believe is the fastest internet.”

01// Conference Space

A mid-20th century addition to the original home, the Conference Room is a meeting space with vaulted ceilings and natural light. At one end is a conference table with chairs, at the other is a comfortable sectional sofa; both include large screens for viewing videos.

02//Collaborative Zones

Three bedrooms on the second floor were converted to open floor plan offices. The SpotOn team and clients meet in huddle spaces, meeting spots around the home in a variety of seating sizes and configurations, where they get their heads together to create.

03//Contemporary Amenities

A professional highlight of the property is an onsite, state-of-the-art studio, located across the parking area in a remodeled carpenter's workshop. The team films in and around the historic home using its rooms and specially painted walls as backgrounds. The airy kitchen is a favorite shoot location.

04//At Home at Work

SpotOn added a rear parking area and uses a side entrance for the business. Officing in a home offers the perks of extended workspace on its front and back porches. The team grills out on summer Fridays or gathers in the kitchen for family-style meals to celebrate holidays.

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