"Modern Mountain" comes to the Prairie

Brent Gibson Home Design embraces Colorado style in new Edmond home

Several years ago, when John and Amy Matteson were considering building a new home, the first person they thought of approaching to design the new home was Edmond designer Brent Gibson of Brent Gibson Classic Home Design.

It was really a no-brainer for the Mattesons, as both of their sons were moving out of the house and they own and operate Matteson Custom Homes in Edmond, which takes up a lot of time and also allowed them to get the best team to both design and then build the home.

Or, as the Matteson’s company website promises: “Our goal is to work with you to custom build a home that is luxurious and elegant, while retaining its sense of warmth and function.  We provide exceptional personal attention through every step of the building process, which brings true meaning to ‘custom home.’”

For just under a years’ time, mostly during the uncertain months of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Brent Gibson Classic Home Design team came up with a design matching the couple’s tastes: a mix of sleek modern designs with more traditional. The result? “Modern Mountain,” designed by the team at Brent Gibson Classic Home Design.

“We’ve worked with Brent ever since we started building,” Amy explains to OKC City Lifestyle. “And most of our clients work with him too.”

Matteson primarily works on custom-built, luxury homes, mostly in the seven-figure range, Amy said.

When you pull up to their Mountain Modern-style home at 2508 Spring Lake Court, in the Sweetwater subdivision, you imagine the slate-gray stone house sitting perched on a rugged hillside in the Rocky Mountains, surrounded by evergreens, boulders and the lofty strains of John Denver’s “Rocky Mountain High” echoing in the surrounding canyons and crevasses. But no, we are smack-dab in the midst of central Oklahoma cross timbers country.

“I love the style of Colorado homes,” added Amy, who, along with John, is a native of the Oklahoma City metro area.

Walking around the house, that is on two acres and is 4,750-square feet, you sense the space and the room. The hub of the Matteson’s home is the kitchen, with its high ceiling, while on the back patio – next to the swimming pool and water features – is a fireplace and screens that can come down and retract when the weather calls for it – in warm and cold conditions.

John points out the heating units that can help raise the temperature on the back patio from 45 degrees to a more comfortable 65 degrees.

“Now that we’re empty-nesters,” Amy said, “John and I find ourselves often in the ‘rock room.’” That is the name Amy has given to an appealing room near the front of the house which has a television and comfortable chairs and a nice view of the front yard.

“When we decided to build this as our last house, I wanted a feel that was a little warmer… make it feel welcoming.”

And that has been truly accomplished.

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