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Local MOMS Clubs Offer Support + Place to Unwind

In the history of the recorded world, one of the three-lettered words with the most influence is Mom. She’s a counselor, nurse, chauffeur, top chef and mediator of conflict. But although the rewards for motherhood are immeasurable, juggling all these balls can sometimes stretch a mother too thin when she hears, “Mom!” on a 24/7 loop. For at-home moms to relieve stress and link up with others like her, local mothers have two choices that can help—the MOMS Club of West Chester and the MOMS Club of Liberty Township.

Named with an acronym for Moms Offering Moms Support, the club was founded in the mid-80s, specifically to support at-home mothers. It has since grown to be an international network.

Kim Perros, the Liberty Township branch president, says their club has coordinators who plan activities, and they typically occur in the morning. 

“The rule for all activities, no matter what it is, is people can bring their children,” says Kim. “So if it’s a Mom’s Night Out, the mom knows she can bring her children regardless…[she can come] even if she can’t find a sitter.”

Activities for Liberty Township MOMS are: Kid’s Day Out, Mom and Tots Lunch, Coffee and Conversation, Music and Movement, Outdoor Exploration, Kids’ Crafts, Moms and Motion, Kids in the Kitchen, Story Time, Kids’ Science and Family Nights.

Kim adds, “We have a monthly social open to the public. So a person who's interested in the group can try it out before they commit.”

MOMS Clubs are not only a support system and place for kids to socialize, but they also offer an opportunity to participate in service projects to benefit needy children in the area. Each club has a budget, and money flows back into their communities. This year,  Liberty Township’s support went to Hope’s Closet, Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank and Reach Out Lakota.

The West Chester chapter convenes at the Boys & Girls Club of West Chester/Liberty for a Monthly Mingle. 

President Nicole Wells says, “This meeting serves as our whole group, monthly business meeting and new member interest session. We always have snacks, coffee, a craft for the kids, toys to play with and access to a fenced-in playground area.”

A former swim coach and special education teacher, Nicole shares, “The club was really how I found my place as a mom. When I had my first daughter, I was home, and I didn't know what to do. So meeting a network of other people who were going through the same motherhood journey and finding events and things to do…I immediately jumped in.”

Although working with organizations such as Reach Out Lakota, Coats for Kids and Mother to Mother, a silent auction is West Chester’s biggest service project. This year's April event supported Warm Welcomes Foster Care Outreach. 

Since May is the month to celebrate mothers, the West Chester and Liberty Township chapters will combine for a free, public Mother’s Day event at the Fort Liberty Playland in Liberty Township on May 13 from 10 a.m.-12 p.m. There will be breakfast, crafts and games. Interested moms are asked to email if they plan to attend. 

Nicole, mother to Abigail, Madeline and Emily, claims the MOMS Club outings are some of her best memories. 

“There was a group of kids that were about the same age when I joined,” she says. “They have just grown up together and had siblings that are now in similar age to my other two girls. Going on those park play dates and getting to experience the outdoors, but also with friends, has been probably one of my favorite things to do.”

Mom to Charlie and Maggie, Kim claims the adult interaction is what influenced her to join. 

“I think for me, being a mom you get very lonely being at home with your kids all day, and I think it gives me a chance to get out and be with other moms that get my life, and you know the struggle of keeping the house clean,” she shares. “Your friends make friends with other kids…I think you feel like you can breathe again.”

Find more information on future events by visiting their Facebook group pages. Join the 100,000+ MOMS Club members in 2,000 chapters nationwide: membership information is available online. Each chapter has a set annual fee. The Liberty Township fee is $20, and West Chester's is $25. Scholarships are available. | |

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