Trendspotting in the Home

The owner of Textured Haus gives us the scoop on this year's home trends

It’s no secret that we’ve been spending plenty of time in our homes over the last few years, but transforming that space into a sanctuary and place of restfulness can be more challenging for some than others. 

Courtney Vandendaele is the owner of Textured Haus, an upscale home furnishing store in Zona Rosa, and is here to help. Courtney opened her store in December 2019 on the square in Liberty and moved the store over to Zona Rosa last June. 

“I really just saw the need, particularly here at the Northland, for just a fun, modern home store,” says Courtney. “I majored in fashion but I've always kind of loved design of all kinds.”

The store is sleek and modern while still being comfortable and has something for everyone, like whimsical wall decor, colorful glass candlestick holders, or minimalist art. While the store has a distinct style, many of the pieces in her store could nestle in perfectly into a wide array of home decor styles. 

Courtney is inspired by a lot of different designers. She particularly loves designers like Cortney Bishop, Kelly Wearstler, and Justina Blakeney. She likes to mix styles and layers, adding texture and color. 

“Decorating should be fun and not so serious all the time,” says Courtney. “It's kind of my creative outlet,” says Courtney. “I love being able to use my creativity every day by merchandising the store, helping customers put items together for their own homes, and putting together fun collections."

We talked to Courtney about some of the trends she’s seeing in home decor this year, and the ones she’s most excited to see in homes.

Vivid color

A bold use of color is probably the trend Courtney is most excited about this year. While neutrals have been a mainstay for the past few years, Courtney says color is back in a big way — primarily in jewel tones and pastels. She says a fun way to introduce color in a space is wallpaper and finds it’s most effective in small spaces like a powder room. For those who aren’t quite ready to commit to wallpaper, throw pillows can be an easy way to accent, or Courtney is especially excited about colored glassware this season. Adding colorful wine glasses or candlesticks to reliable white dishes can be an easy and fun way to adopt the trend.

Richly-textured furniture

Courtney says one of her favorite trends she’s seeing this year is richly-textured furniture pieces, like bouclé, velvet, and sherpa. She says while the furniture lines are similar to the sleek, modern lines of the past few years, the textured fabrics are a bit of a throwback to a 70s feel. The fun part about textured furniture is that it can still be in neutral colors, so it can tie easily into existing spaces but add a more interesting element.

Sustainable style

“We're seeing a lot of vintage pieces,” says Courtney. “People are definitely being more eco-conscious — wanting to repurpose things and bring in those vintage finds.” Courtney says she also includes natural materials in sustainable style — things like woven grass, caning, wood, marble, and ceramic. She says these materials, unlike plastics, typically last longer and are from the earth, making them more eco-friendly. 

Curated maximalism

Iris Apfel, a centenarian style icon, said “more is more” — a guiding principle of maximalism. Courtney, who describes her own style as curated maximalism, says maximalism is continuing to be mainstream this year but in a more intentional, elegant way. She says maximalism can combine all these trends — natural elements, pops of color, and fun textures in a well-thought-out way that flows through the home. “It doesn't just, you know, look like a Skittle came and exploded all over your home, but it's really well thought out and still all very elegant,” says Courtney. “We're just adding a little more fun.”

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