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Anyone Can Dance

Dance Wonderland: Ballroom, Latin, Country, Swing, Tap, Jazz + Musical Theater

Many of us love the popular show “So You Think You Can Dance.” There’s something intriguing about watching a novice learn seemingly impossible steps and execute a striking performance. And as we sit on the couch, admiring their fast-learned skill, we can’t help but wonder, “How would I perform?”

Wonder No Longer

Local dance studio Dance Wonderland offers lessons for every type of partner dance. From ballroom to Latin, swing to country, Dance Wonderland is a cornucopia of elevated performance dancing.

Founded in 2017 by Naomi Skee, Dance Wonderland is a professional studio where regardless of age or ability, you can learn to dance like the pros. A longtime lover of dance, Naomi grew up “never-not-dancing” and throughout her education, she always found herself drawn to the dance floor, whether through lessons or competitive dance groups.

When someone posted an ad for a dance instructor at an Air Force base where her husband was stationed, Naomi jumped on the opportunity. She hosted group classes and private lessons, and through word of mouth, clients flooded in. When they were transferred to a different base, she again became a dance instructor and her client base tripled. Naomi realized she had waltzed right into her calling, which eventually led to opening her own dance studio in Colorado Springs.

Anyone Can Dance

“I’m very analytical and I think it translates well into teaching dance. People respond well to concrete analogies. I also believe fostering a laid-back environment is so important. Our classes and studio are suitable for all levels,” Naomi explains. “Dancing is like shaking hands, it comes naturally to everyone. Anyone can dance, they just need the right tools and that’s what we provide.”

Naomi teaches ballroom dance, Latin, country, swing, tap, jazz, and musical theater.

“I really pride myself on diversity in dance and so much of it is thanks to being a military spouse. I have had the opportunity to experience different types of dances and cultures from living in so many different places. I love being able to share that with other people.”

Building Confidence

Dance Wonderland lessons are fun, but Naomi explains there’s more to dance than meets the eye. 

“This is about so much more than dancing; it’s about building confidence. Dance should be available to everyone, and it’s so important to me that the opportunity to experience it is there for this community.”

Sign up for dance lessons online and keep an eye out for fun-themed events like a “Sweet and Spicy” event for Valentine’s Day, which includes dinner, dessert, wine, and salsa dancing!

Facebook: @dance.wonderland
Instagram: @dance_wonderland_co