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More than Skin Deep

Med Spas can provide more than facials to improve your health and well being


Millions of individuals are impacted by hormone imbalances every day. BioTE is a hormone replacement treatment that uses pellets and tiny cylindrical-shaped supplements inserted under your skin. The pellets release specific hormones over time, so your body receives a steady stream of hormones for optimal function.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

This is a treatment that involves injecting concentrated platelets from your own blood. It benefits your libido and helps alleviate symptoms of menopause. This PRP (Plate Rich Plasma) treatment contains healing proteins called growth factors.


Your body absorbs nutrients, which help your cells recover and your body rejuvenate. IV Therapy is the fastest way to deliver medications, blood products, and more into the bloodstream to help with various health conditions, dehydration, and blood transfusions.

Donna Lloyd a registered nurse found a love for aesthetics more than 15 years ago. She owns and operates Simply Creative Aesthetics off the Fish Creek Thoroughfare in Woodforest.