Morrie's Luxury Auto

Because Happiness Matters

Aston Martin. Maserati. Bentley. Morrie's Luxury Auto offers the world’s most thrilling auto brands. If you insist on peerless performance and class while you are on the road, the Golden Valley dealership is the beginning of your journey.

A single test drive in any one of their vehicles would be enough to make most people fall in love with Morrie’s. Anyone who has ever wanted to be James Bond will realize their dreams once they’ve opened up an Aston Martin DBS on I-394. Cruising in a Maserati MC20 or Bentley Flying Spur for the first time is a no less transformative experience. 

But Morrie's is not content to merely offer superlative British and Italian-made vehicles. They have been in business for over half a century because they cherish the relationships they create with their guests. Their ultimate goal is simple: creating lifelong clients. 

“I began selling cars in 1994,” said Aaron Schoenack, general manager for Morrie's Luxury Auto. “After all that time, my favorite part of my job is still sharing the guest’s excitement when they get into their new car for the very first time. It’s clean. It’s shiny. It smells fresh, and it’s gorgeous. Nothing beats the knowledge that every mile on your car’s odometer was put there by you.

“We play the role of ‘automotive advocate’ for our guests. We’re not here to pressure them or persuade them to buy anything. We’re here to learn what they expect from their dream vehicles, and then show them how an Aston Martin, Maserati or Bentley will surpass those expectations dramatically.

“Any one of our vehicles features considerably more computing power than NASA had throughout their entire Apollo program. Such advanced technology is fantastic for any driver and their passengers, although our team appreciates that figuring out our vehicles’ systems can be daunting at first. That is why we offer technology specialist services. They thoroughly familiarize our guests with everything their new vehicles are capable of, as well as personalize their driving experiences for unparalleled comfort and convenience.”

Helping their guests to appreciate the seemingly preternatural technology beneath the hood of a modern luxury car is only the start of Morrie’s outstanding customer service. The dealership’s master technicians share more experience than any other team in their industry, and provide any repair or customization with peerless craftsmanship. Complimentary loan cars eliminate the inconvenience of bringing your car to the shop. Complimentary car washes only sweeten the deal. And thanks to Morrie’s best-price sales process, figuring out how to get the greatest deal is as simple as asking for it.

Morrie’s takes just as much care to exclusively offer the finest pre-owned vehicles. Whether you visit their lot for a pre-owned car, truck or SUV – or request something specific – their team of expert buyers will ensure you receive a vehicle that they would confidently provide to a member of their own families.

The Morrie’s team doesn’t believe that the Golden Rule exclusively applies to their guests. “Our core values include serving our community with heart, humility and integrity,” Aaron continued. “I am proud to work for a company that values its place in the Twin Cities so highly. All of our employees receive paid time off to volunteer at any philanthropic organization of their choosing. Morrie’s also contributes directly to Black Fashion Week MN, Secondhand Hounds, The Firefly Sisterhood, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, the Salvation Army, American Red Cross, and numerous other local non-profits, schools, and youth sports teams.”

Morrie's Luxury Auto welcomes you to discover why they are more than a dealership. Please call (612) 395-4499 to schedule a consultative session and test drive at 7300 Wayzata Boulevard in Golden Valley, or book your visit online at If you would rather not make a reservation, no worries. The Morrie's team is always available to show you what you have been missing during all the years you have spent on the road so far.

Morrie's Luxury Auto offers a comprehensive inventory of new luxury vehicles by Aston Martin, Bentley, and Maserati that bring sheer style, head-turning performance, and refinement within reach. Morrie's also has an array of pre-owned models for sale from various manufacturers, including late-model luxury vehicles and classic muscle cars. Their friendly and knowledgeable automotive advocates will help you find exactly what you want in your next car!

“Morrie’s does things a little differently than a conventional dealership. We’re not here to pressure our guests or persuade them to buy anything. We’re here to learn what they expect from their dream vehicles, and then show them how an Aston Martin, Maserati or Bentley will surpass those expectations dramatically.”

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