Mosher Design Co. Creates Award-Winning Outdoor Spaces

There’s no place like home—especially after Matt Mosher and the talented team at Mosher Design Co. work their magic to transform the surrounding property into a wonderland you’ll never want to leave.

Specializing in creating highly unique and sophisticated outdoor environments, Mosher Design Co. takes pride in ensuring every project reflects their client’s individual sense of style and enhances the living environment.

“We focus only on custom residential outdoor architecture,” says Mosher, who started his company 22 years ago and is still going strong.

“When I was 17, I decided I wanted to start a landscape business,” explains Mosher, who knocked on doors armed with flyers about his services and featuring pictures of his parents’ backyard to showcase his skills.

“Pretty quickly I got a couple small projects and ended up doing several more that summer,” says Mosher, adding that he got a big break in his second year of business. 

“I had put flyers in mailboxes and got a call from the house manager for a famous author. He wanted a large waterfall built on his small lake. Although I had no clue what I was doing, I provided a bid and got the project,” says Mosher. “After agreeing on the design, I spent the summer building the waterfall. In the end, the waterfall won numerous awards for its beauty.”

This self-starter never looked back and continued to develop his skills and expand his portfolio of projects to include larger and more elaborate designs. 

Today, Mosher Design Co. serves clients across the nation, creating customized outdoor living spaces where family and friends can gather and build memories for years to come. And while Mosher has moved “out of the field” to focus 100% on outdoor space design and landscape architecture, his work ethic has not changed.

“I strive every day to get better,” says Mosher. “Learning and perfecting your skills never ends.”

Working with the team of experienced professionals that comprise Mosher Design Co., Mosher thrives on exceeding clients’ expectations.

“Meeting incredibly interesting clients who push us to use our imagination to create them an amazing outdoor environment,” keeps him motivated and inspired to build beautiful spaces that invite relaxation and enjoyment at home.

Visit MosherDesignCo.com to view their multitude of projects and learn more about their services.

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