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Mother's Day Mimosa

An elevated take on a classic cocktail - created by Beth Doell of 324 Speakeasy

If you search for "Mother's Day gift ideas," you'll find pages of candles, mugs, and personalized jewelry. While (almost) everyone loves a good candle, most moms just want to feel appreciated, have time with family, and have time by themselves to decompress. We spoke with Beth Doell of 324 Speakeasy in Downtown Manhattan, and she helped created this elevated take on a classic cocktail! Start your Mother's Day off right with this elevated take on the classic mimosa. For non-drinkers, we included modifications for an alcohol-free version.

Ingredients (with alcohol version)

Vanilla extract

Apricot liqueur

Orange juice

One bottle chilled dry sparkling wine

Berries for garnish

Ingredients (alcohol-free version)

Imitation vanilla extract

Orange juice

Ginger ale

Berries for garnish


1. Add vanilla extract, orange juice, and (for alcohol version) apricot liqueur to a glass pitcher.

2. To preserve carbonation, top with sparkling wine or ginger ale shortly before serving.

3. Pour into individual champagne flutes. Add 1-2 berries to each glass.