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Keith and Donna Lann and family

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Mother's Day musings

Sharing Mother's Day memories

"My fondest memories of Mother’s Days are centered around 'Decorations' and our 'Green Family Gathering.'  For decades, we have celebrated Mother’s Day with a trip to the Center Hill Cemetery, as well as a trip to the Mountain Grove Cemetery and finally to my Granny Green’s for an amazing covered dish lunch with all of my maternal aunts, uncles and cousins. As a child, I never truly appreciated this tradition; however, as an adult, I treasure these memories and have tried to instill the same tradition into my own children."

- Traci Johnson, Checklist Concierge Service

“Imagine a 5-year-old little boy and his father preparing breakfast for his mother on Mother’s Day. Just before serving the plate to his mother, he says, 'Wait a minute!' He runs to the herb garden to pick fresh mint to garnish the fruit! Or maybe two sisters making Mom special handmade cards! These are not only my memories of past Mother’s Day celebrations, but also precious acts of love that are etched in my mind! Expensive gifts can be purchased, but gifts of the heart last forever!"

- Donna Lann, Guthrie’s Chicken

"Mother’s Day has always been a wonderful day, especially since I had my own children. But I cannot remember a Mother’s Day that I did not spend with my mother. From making homemade cards with my sister, Christy, to delicious lunches with family - each year is memorable."

- Missy Gurley, Cullman City Lifestyle

"Some of my favorite Mother’s Day memories include my Gran, my Mama and I going to church together on Mother’s Day wearing our big hats. I am so very thankful to have these sweet memories now that my mom is in Heaven. I sure have been blessed with the very best as well as blessed by the legacy they leave behind. I pray that I can be the same blessing to my two boys."

- Jenn Woodard, By Grace Beauty & Wellness

“Mother's Day to me is a day to really show how much our mommas mean to us. We should show them every day, but this is especially a day to make them feel special. I am so thankful for my momma, 'Mimi,' as most know her. I cherish my time with her and I try to make Mother's Day special to her every year.”

- Kayra Everett, By Grace Beauty & Wellness

"My favorite Mother’s Day memory didn’t occur with my first Mother’s Day but actually my third. I had spent the past two years as a working mom and wife on night shift, in the medical field. I was blessed with the option to stay home with my 2-year-old. I felt extra thankful that day because I was able to give my family my undivided attention. My daughter and I went shopping, stopped by Frios for our favorite popsicles and ended the day playing outside with our puppy. The best part is that Dad always has to make dinner on Mother’s Day!  

- Tiffany Steele, D&S Pools + Outdoor Living

”Mother’s Day takes on a whole new meeting after your own children are born. The amount of love, admiration, respect, and gratitude towards every mother, everywhere is hard to put into words. To my own mother, and all the precious mothers and mother figures you are so loved so cherished, and our incredible blessing to so many. Happy Mother’s Day to you this year and every single day”

- Emily Bussman, Sips n Strokes Cullman

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  • Keith and Donna Lann and family
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