Mothership Boulder: A Space for Women to Thrive

Kat Street, founder of Mothership Boulder, wants to inspire women to dream big

Article by Annie Bloj; The Bloj Report

Photography by Kylie Fitts

Originally published in Boulder Lifestyle

Kat, four years ago, you shared your vision for Mothership with me. Coming from a career in advertising, you identified what was lacking in the area and set out to build a space for women to thrive. After navigating the challenges of building a concept (and a global pandemic), Mothership is ready to inspire. 

What led you to this concept?

A friend organized a weekly meeting with three other women interested in career pivots or had side projects. We held each other accountable for growth, and I realized this was a larger issue that many women faced. At each meeting, our energy was electric; however, the coworking space where we met was uninspiring. I realized that we deserved better, so here we are!

How did the design of the Mothership come together?

I was homesick for vibrant creative spaces. In Miami, I was surrounded by culture—music, murals, and a tropical climate. New York gave me the galleries that were a daily escape. In Sweden—design is the DNA of the country. So I created a list of my favorite places from each and began building the vision board.

How has COVID changed your plans?

That feeling of walking through the door and being awestruck was important, and I spent every breath working it out. Now, we're thinking bigger and want to bring our design's impact to a broader audience. 

What does community mean to you?

When you find your people and feel that connection, purpose, and a sense of belonging, that's magic. 

Who are a few of the women you admire?

Right now, the playlist is a constant rotation of artists and activists. The staples being my mother, who raised me as a single parent for ten years and Michelle Obama, whose podcast is my therapy.

What brought you to Boulder?

The city grind was aging us and wanted a better life for ourselves and our family.

How did the support of women help you bring Mothership to life?

Women have this innate gift of connection, and most every woman who heard the pitch had a friend I should talk to, or would keep the door open in case I needed anything. But there were also some good fellas who saw the value too because they had a wife who would be keen for the idea or daughters and wanted a better future for them. 

What are your long-term goals for Mothership?

Many, but right now the incredible weight mothers are taking on from the dark state of affairs has sparked the need to meet them where they are and establish a faster resource for them to make it happen. 

Mosaic Architects & Interiors

What drew you to this project and what about Kat's vision spoke to you?

Tina Townsend Poole  l  Senior Architect

From our first meeting, Kat made it clear she was blazing a trail with a plan to provide a place for women to feel welcomed and empowered. The existing space was dark and enclosed, so we opened it up and developed a palette that speaks directly to the female spirit. The space is connected, calm, and at the same time active. 

What is inspiring to you these days?

Jane Snyder, Partner, and Designer, Mosaic Architects & Interiors

Our inspiration comes from a variety of sources including nature, materials in the office, sunlight and shadows, and so on. We strive in every project to bring a palette that mixes old and new, soft and hard, man-made, and natural materials together resulting in a comfortable and timeless feel.

"Kat made it clear she was blazing a trail with a plan to provide a place for women to feel welcomed and empowered."

Sloan Construction

How did Kat's vision for Mothership inspire you?

Hanna Sloan, Chief Operations Office of Sloan Construction

Upon learning the concept of Mothership, I was immediately drawn to it. Being the Chief Operations Officer of a general contracting company, a male-dominated industry, the opportunity to work on a project like this was exciting and inspiring. Our clients have a vested interest in their projects, but this one was unique as it is a reflection of Kat's heart and soul. It's a place for women to cultivate community in a beautiful, warm, and inviting space. Sloan Construction was honored to help execute the vision of Mothership. 

What spaces inspire you?

Nature, outdoors—open, bright spaces that aren’t too dramatic with softness and interest through textures, colors, varying lines and pops of fun with fixtures, hardware and furnishings. 

"Our clients have a vested interest in their projects, but this one was unique as it is a reflection of Kat's heart and soul."


Architectural Design: Mosaic Architects & Interiors

Development & Build: SLOAN Construction

Interior Styling & Creative Direction: Kat Street

Botanical Styling: Fiori Flowers

Mural: Kat Street, Suzanne Coté @ Colorado Custom Wall Finishes

Custom Bar Fabrication: Brian Laak @ Laak Woodworks

Metal Fabrication: Ian Schwendy @ Forty-One Fabrication

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