Mount Juliet Elite Gymnastics

Building a Better Place to Better Serve the Community

Mount Juliet Elite Gymnastics is a gym built on culture. Over the last six years, the coaches and staff of Mount Juliet Elite have dedicated themselves to the success and future of their gymnasts. Whether the goal for a gymnast is to perfect their skills, go to college, or go to the Olympics, Elite Gymnastics is serious about what they do and has the staff in place to take their gymnasts as far as they want to go.

The dream for Mount Juliet Elite to grow and have a more significant impact on the experience of their gymnasts is now becoming a reality. In the upcoming months, MJ Elite will find itself in a brand-new facility designed to foster top-tier training and preparation for competitions. The new gym will come complete with open spaces for tumbling, high ceilings for trampoline and bar training, soft-landing spaces, competitive-landing spaces, foam pits, and new offices, and a new playground and classrooms to suit their after-school programs. Craig Stott, co-owner of MJ Elite, shows his excitement in having a facility that matches their exemplary program. He states, “Moving forward it is going to be a true Elite facility.”

At its core, gymnastics is a sport that teaches its contenders the unique importance of failing and getting up again and again. That’s precisely the spirit that has pushed MJ Elite to where they are today, bigger and better than ever. "I love (gymnastics) so much because of what it teaches people. Not just for now, but for the rest of their life.” The gymnasts in our community deserve the best. And that’s exactly what Mount Juliet Elite Gymnastics is here to offer.

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