Mount Juliet’s Most Eligible

Meet Mount Juliet’s Most Eligible and Successful Singles.

If this were an episode of a popular reality dating series, this pool of candidates would undoubtedly inspire cheeky serenades, crass one-liners, and plenty of limousine luxury. That is to say, Mount Juliet has a wealth of riches in who it counts among its single and successful. The following bachelors and bachelorettes are ambitious, adventurous, motivated, intelligent, and deeply worthy of the love and companionship that they seek. 

1. Callie Heatherly (Business owner)
Heard of a boss babe? Callie Heatherly is one of those. She owns two companies (Callie Elyse Events and Qavah Staging & Design). You might think owning two companies is more than sufficient to keep one occupied, but you’d be mistaken. She volunteers as a Court Appointed Special Advocate and sits on Cumberland University’s Alumni Board of Directors. Despite (or perhaps, because of) her busy schedule, she knows the value of time, calling it her “biggest love language.” When she gets that time to herself, you can find her enjoying a ‘solid gym session’ or traveling. But who would she like to spend more of that time with? “Someone who first and foremost loves the Lord,” she says. “Someone who knows how to communicate and isn’t scared of the hard conversations while dating.” Like a true pragmatist, she knows that successful relationships are born out of having the difficult conversations at the beginning. Therefore, being secure in knowing what you want will go a long way. As for her quirks? She might be a bit of a ‘passenger princess.’ But with that work ethic and a great head on her shoulders, who wouldn’t want her as their passenger? 

2. Dalton Leath (Personal trainer)
In his capacity as a trainer at Burn Bootcamp, Dalton Leath will challenge your physical limitations. Suffice it to say, fitness is important to him – his lifestyle is literally built around this pursuit. But that’s not to say that he doesn’t have other interests. He enjoys music, nice dinners, and the outdoors. Dogs and coffee (good coffee, that is) are also up there. Given the central role health and fitness play in Dalton’s life, it’s not a surprise that he is looking for a partner who is motivated to live a healthy lifestyle as well. He also values honest communication and an appetite for adventure. And don’t mistake an interest in health and fitness for a lack of emotional or spiritual depth. Dalton happens to have both. “In a world where darkness isn’t hard to find, I hope to be a light. Most young adults spend their time partying, struggling with who they are, in search of deeper connections. Overcoming my own struggles, I hope to help many do the same through health and fitness.” 

3. Shari Arnold (Owner of Third Coast Salt)
Shari Arnold contains many multitudes. She’s a business owner (of Third Coast Salt Day Spa), a mother to two amazing teenagers, and a woman of many passions and pursuits. Shari enjoys, “Walks and hiking, especially around waterfalls. LSU Football. The Theatre. Live music. Yoga and meditation. International travel is my favorite pastime. I travel annually with my high school tribe and collegiate sisters as I treasure friendships deeply.” As one might expect from somebody who enjoys such a full and rich single life (she points out that single is not synonymous with ‘solo’), Shari knows exactly what she wants, and she won’t settle for anything less. Her ideal partner? “Spiritual, kind, and heart-driven. Puts his children and/or my children first. Highly-motivated, authentic, witty, educated & of alpha energy!  Non-smoker, nice hands & valid passport. If there is an ex-wife, I would like him to treat her as the mother of any children should be honored. It wouldn't hurt if he was amazing in the kitchen as I am a foodie and despise cooking.” And while it may be a full wish list, she’s not concerned about timing; she’s confident that, “God will send that special person when the time is right.” 

4. Randall Hutto (Wilson County Mayor)
As the mayor of Wilson County, Randall Hutto needs very little introduction. But while many people know of him, not many know him. He describes himself as an easygoing guy. “A kind and fair person with a servant’s heart,” who enjoys, “all kinds of activities, especially if it involves being outdoors.” These activities range from yardwork, concerts, travel, exercise, and spending time with family and friends. Cooking is a more recent pursuit of his, and he quips, “I like to keep up with the newest restaurants in case my cooking experiments don’t turn out quite as planned.” When asked what he’s looking for in a partner, he gives a refreshingly thoughtful answer. He’s looking for somebody who shares his interests, of course, but he also wants, “a relationship of balance; her strengths compliment my weaknesses and vice versa. I’m looking for something more than just a person to pass the time with. She’s someone who loves unconditionally. She loves her family, loves the Lord, and is a friend to everyone. She’s as pretty on the inside as she is on the outside. She’s able to sit with me in comfortable silence just as easily as getting lost in deep conversation.”

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