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Mountain Cowboy Is Coming To Loveland

The Easy-Going Watering Hole That’s Making Space For Community

Ron and Michelle Yovich, Loveland residents and owners of the original Mountain Cowboy Brewing Company in Frederick, Colorado, have a knack for taking the simple and turning it into something more bountiful and robust. 

In the case of Mountain Cowboy, Michelle and Ron’s creativity, ingenuity, and combined passion for community-building have turned a simple brewing company into a space known for ease, good libations, and real connection. “What started out as a craft brewery has turned into a whole lot more,” says Ron. 

Mountain Cowboy is doubling down on its allure by opening a second location in the heart of Centerra’s newest neighborhood, Kinston Commons. The coffee roastery/craft beer brewery/specialty bakery is a part of the Kinston Hub, a central meeting point for all things fellowship and neighborly communion in the up-and-coming community.

At Mountain Cowboy, friendly and knowledgeable staff serve up affability like it's the daily special. Creating that kind of welcome and sense of community is what drew Ron and Michelle to the business, and that’s what draws patrons through the door. That, and their freshly roasted coffee, “made-by-Michelle” delectable treats, and one-of-a-kind craft brews like the Kinston Kolsch, which is headed to Kinston this spring and will only be available at McWhinney’s newest Centerra residential community in east Loveland.

The name ‘Mountain Cowboy’ reflects Ron and Michelle’s shared values of hard work, environmental responsibility, and regard for the organic process. 

The native Wyomingites turned Coloradoans who have known each other since junior high school, started their Colorado life together after graduating from the University of Wyoming. 

Ron’s training and experience as a chemical engineer combined with Michelle’s love of learning and abundant creativity draw them toward projects dripping with possibility. Take for instance the 15-acre hops farm outside of Longmont that they developed and nurtured, eventually selling the harvest to AC Golden (Coors) for their Colorado Native product line, and to other smaller local breweries. Whatever the adventure du jour, the Mountain Cowboy owners aren’t dissuaded by putting in a little sweat equity to fulfill their immediate vision and larger community-building mission. 

It isn’t one thing that makes Mountain Cowboy all the buzz, it’s all the different parts melded together. It’s the cumulative effect of good people, coffee, brews, and homemade fare commingling in a space fit to gather, have fun, and linger for a while. 

In a nutshell, Mountain Cowboy is all about making community connections. The Frederick location has drawn a wide range of patrons from seniors to twenty-somethings and everything in between. The soon-to-open Centerra -Loveland location will no doubt render the same. 

Mountain Cowboy seems to be as much a lifestyle as it is a business for Ron and Michelle. It’s a well-crafted combination of passion and creativity that has been patiently sown, grown, and harvested with a little ingenuity and a lot of hard work, and is topped with a deep appreciation for all the simple things that bring people together.

Mountain Cowboy’s Loveland location situated in east Centerra is expected to open to the public this spring within Kinston’s Hub.

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  • Photos taken at Mountain Cowboy in Frederick