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Getting to know Cyndi George - Gilbert's most awarded movement studio owner and movement expert

Cyndi George grew up in Indiana with a cheerleading, dance, and gymnastic background and graduated from IU with a BSc. in Physical Education and Adapted Physical Education and earned her MSc. In Physical Education and Administration running the Indiana University IUFIT program as part of her graduate assistantship.  Her business and integrative movement studio has won several BEST of Gilbert,  BEST of the BEST in the East Valley (Gilbert – Chandler- Mesa)  and Best of Loving Life after 50 awards. 

What is the Mission behind Cynshine Pilates and Integrative Movement?

To build a community where I can educate clients on how and why their bodies move and compensate and then teach them how to move with more efficiency, fluidity, and more importantly without pain.

Why is Movement important to your overall health?

Have you heard that “Motion is Lotion” for the body?   Movement can dramatically improve anyone’s quality of life, especially for people living with chronic injuries or neurological diseases.

Corrective and integrated exercises from your “eyes down to your toes”, will help regain your quality and fluidity of movement and improve your overall health. Movement helps lubricate and remove waste products from the 300 joints in your body with nutrient-rich fluid to maintain and improve range of motion and flexibility which in turn will decrease pain and discomfort.  This synovial fluid requires guess what, Movement to keep the joints loose so it is also true that what you don’t use you lose, be it cognitive (remember your high school Spanish or French classes?) or physically and that includes balance, flexibility and strength over time. Underutilized joints and muscles will atrophy and stiffen up.   And we totally get it, when it hurts who wants to move - but the magic is in the movement and it doesn’t have to hurt.  Flexibility and strength should feel good!

How can movement help with recovery for chronic illness? 

The correct exercises based on your particular needs is what is paramount in recovery.  It is definitely not a one size fits all approach.  So, it isn’t about I’m going to the gym to jump on the elliptical or a group yoga or barbell or cross fit gym right out of the gate.  Recovery for a chronic illness is multifaceted. You really should invest in someone who looks and treats the entire body mind spirit and soul. 

Every BODY is different, Every CHRONIC ILLNESS OR DISORDER is different, Every BODY needs its own regimen that works for them, AND… more importantly, EVERY BODY is perfect.  The key is finding someone who listens to your health history as details are so important and even listen to what wasn’t said or “omitted” and someone who watches and observes you move dynamically...  This is often the key to keep you moving in the right direction.  Every disorder or chronic illness comes with its own set of criteria.  For example, I would not give my scoliosis client the same corrective movements that I would give my MS or stroke recovery clients.

Find someone who is knowledgeable in corrective movement for chronic illness and neurological disorders and even include a team approach with physicians and other therapies. There should also be a progression to get you back into doing the activities perhaps with modifications that you used to enjoy!  Don’t let age or condition dictate what you can or cannot do!  Flexibility and strength should feel good!

What other Treatments are available at Cynshine?

Cynshine and I have become known as the “Scar and Body Whisperer” in the East Valley.  This expertise in the field of corrective movement, McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release® and Pilates is designed to assist people over 40 and those with chronic illness recovering from surgery and neurological disorders.

What if you are new to Pilates or a little embarrassed about your movement limitations?

Not to worry, we specialize in Private one-on-one sessions to work quietly at your own pace and comfort level.


Recovery for a chronic illness is multifaceted. You really should invest in someone who looks and treats the entire body mind spirit and soul. 

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