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Movie and a Martini

The Springs Cinema & Taphouse

Nights out are golden, so being able to combine dinner AT a movie is like having the red carpet rolled out just for you.

Brandt Gully purchased the Lefont Sandy Springs in November 2017 and spent the next 16 months fully renovating the theatre. The renovations included upscale amenities such as Atlanta's first luxury leather heated recliners, a full kitchen so patrons can enjoy a savory meal, a full bar offering 18 craft beer draft lines, 60 bourbons, 25 tequilas, more than 20 wines, and specialty cocktails.

“With the design, I wanted our patrons to walk in the doors and immediately see we are not a chain and the cinema was built and operated with them specifically in mind,” says Gully. “Just this month we showed films in three different languages, a silent film, screenings of locally made indie films, live sporting events on the big screen, retro movies in our parking lot drive-in, numerous indie studio selections, and, of course, Hollywood blockbusters. We offer a full kitchen menu, weekend live music on our patio and an abundance of private parties and events weekly."

Until four years ago, Gully had not operated a theater, restaurant, bar, or remodeled as much as a bathroom. “Yet, I decided to put every penny I had into buying and renovating this theater that my wife and I had visited for 30 years,” he says.  He was inspired by the community. “My oldest daughter was diagnosed with cancer in 2017 and spent a year in the children’s hospital. While there I was surrounded by people that made my life better daily with their jobs; I decided I needed to attempt the same. I’d be a terrible nurse, doctor or, I bought a theater! It’s allowed me to connect to my community by providing an entertainment destination and teach our young team (including my three children) the value of work. I’ve never worked so hard in my life, but I’ve loved every minute of it.”

Tim Russell is the General Manager of The Springs, with a culinary arts degree and has over 25 years of experience in restaurants. He rose to the challenge of building a high-end quality kitchen menu that successfully accommodates the timing of movie showings. Together, the team makes family outings, corporate events and evenings out special.  They especially make date nights more fabulous - movies with martinis (and a meal)!