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Moving Forward by Giving Back

Chelsea Rose 

Seemingly overnight, our nation has become a drastically different environment. Many of our lives are unrecognizable, and while some of us may have already worked from home, others have had their entire worlds turned upside down. In these times, those who were already a vital part of society, healthcare workers, have only become more important for the wellbeing of our communities. 

Meet local nurse Chelsea Rose. 

An unexpected trip to Guatemala would lead her to fall in love with nursing while doing medical pop-ups and working with a nonprofit organization named Saving Mothers. Before this trip, she’d been working in the kitchen at what was once Laudisio’s. When the slower winter season hit Boulder, the chef offered to set her up with a job at a bed and breakfast in Guatemala. Upon her return to Colorado, she decided to pursue a nursing degree and became a registered nurse this last September. 

Even after becoming a nurse at North Suburban Medical Center, Rose worked at Boulder restaurant’s Brasserie Ten Ten and Black Cat as the world as we know it changed. Her cardiac monitoring unit converted into the coronavirus unit, and her night shifts suddenly looked a whole lot different. With the unit being totally full and cases continuing to rise, every day is full of the unknown. Her and her coworkers do their best to take it day by day, learn on the fly, and adapt to new information. 

With so much intensity, Rose is taking a lot of time to do self-care when she can and has an amazing stepson and husband who have been incredibly supportive. Her support systems have made the greatest difference during the overwhelm, and in turn, she’s been doing her best to reach out to those she knows to make sure the people she cares about feel supported too. Maintaining connections and continuing to reach out to her community has been a huge focus for her family and friends. 

Let’s all take a little note from Rose’s story...we are stronger together and need each other now more than ever.

Jessica Helson

With millions of people filling for unemployment, many have felt helpless under the weight of these unpredictable waters and have been in dire need of assistance during this global pandemic. Thankfully, we have seen waves of awe-inspiring collaboration and contribution towards those who have been deeply impacted by the novel coronavirus. Powerful movements and initiatives are sweeping the nation, reaching out to those in need and seeking patrons who are ready to lend a helping hand to whoever is asking. 

Our local community member, Jessica Helson, is one of many investing her time and energy in making a difference. 

After “quitting” social media because of its distracting persona, Helson returned to Instagram just before the pandemic hit to follow a select few accounts. Luckily, one of those accounts led her to Pandemic of Love, a grassroots, volunteer-led mutual aid organization that connects people in need with patrons who can help out. 

She’d witness this beautiful movement spark like wildfire, and jumped into action when the founder of this movement Shelly Tygielski, invited people to start the movement in their own communities. 

Someone who has always loved helping others and supporting the community, Helson was the perfect person to be a matchmaker for those in need with patrons who wanted to give. 

Whether you need enough money to buy groceries, pay for a prescription, or to run an important errand, Helson is doing her best to make those connections. A mother of four, she’s beautifully navigating the trials and tribulations of these times. She’s aware of our interconnectedness more than ever before and noticing the power of technology to create connections despite being distanced. 

Though we may be distanced now, we are still connected through technology and making a massive difference despite all odds.