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Moving in Together: A Room-by-Room Guide


Article by Hayley Hyer

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Moving in together is a big step that takes a lot of planning and time. But when you put in the work and figure out how to compromise on furniture and decor, you'll both be able to love your new home and feel like it has a little bit of each of your personalities represented.

Moving in Together: Living Room Space

Congratulations on your new place! Whether you're moving in to a new place with a friend, family member or partner, it's an exciting time. My sister and I moved in together for a year after I graduated from college, and it was different living with her again so many years after our childhood. In that one year, we grew so much individually and together, and we developed a deep bond and much better communication skills from it!

Communication is going to be your top priority during the move-in process. If you both had your own place before moving in together, you probably have a hodgepodge of living room furniture and decor that you're trying to figure out how to sort through. Here is your guide to setting up a living room that you both feel comfortable in. This is your shared space, so you will want to be intentional about putting a little bit of each of you in it.

Moving in Together: Combining Kitchens

Moving in with someone is an exciting step in your relationship with them, and it also takes a lot of planning and coordination. Unless one of you was still living at home with their parents previously, you probably each have your own set of kitchen utensils and decor. Here is how to decide what to keep and what to get rid of.

Moving in Together: Combing Decor Styles

If you're moving in with someone and trying to figure out how to combine your home decorations to make everything work together, it will take some high-level planning. But once you put in the background work, everything can come together seamlessly. Here are some guides from the experts to help you learn how to create balance in your new home.

Moving in Together: Master Bedroom

If you and your partner are moving in together and will be sharing a bedroom for the first time, you probably have some mis-matched furniture and decor from your previous bedrooms. It's also likely that you may need to size up your bed, or you might want to get a brand new mattress and bedding that feels more grown-up or neutral.

Here are some guides to putting together a bedroom that makes both of you feel comfortable and cozy. Keep scrolling to shop mattresses and bedding that ship easily!

Tip: Remember to be open-minded and communicate! Lots of people have different sleeping preferences when it comes to white noise, fans, windows, temperature, pillows, blankets—the list continues! Make sure you talk through everything that both of you need and avoid leaving one person hopelessly trying to count sheep at night.

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