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Moving Made Easy with Home-Aid Moving

Born and raised in Middle Tennessee, Home-Aid Moving owner William Turner realized early on in life his desire to give back to the community that raised him. The Nashville native left his hometown for Chattanooga with dreams of becoming a criminal attorney. After earning his degrees, he recognized that law may not be the path he wanted to pursue after all. Turner— who had spent his high school and college years working as a mover— discovered that his true passion lies in helping others by making
their moves as easy and stress-free as possible.

“Our customer service is second to none…” says Turner, who has owned Home-Aid Moving for three years. “We guarantee integrity and a smile from start to finish. At every step of the moving process with Home-Aid, every decision that is made is framed around the customers peace of mind.”

Turner and his team at Home-Aid Moving take great pride in making sure that their clients have as little to do as possible on moving day. Here are some of his top tips and suggestions for people that are preparing for a move to help make the day virtually stress free.

 Hold Onto Your Hardware
“Don’t pack away all of your sandwich bags,” says Turner. “When the movers take apart beds, tables, and anything else that needs to be disassembled to be moved the hardware is very key.” To make sure these pieces stay paired with the correct furniture for reassembly at the new location and don’t get lost, he suggests labeling each bag of hardware with the contents, what piece of furniture it belongs to, and what room it should go in.

Separate What You Plan to Transport Yourself
“Setting aside boxes and personal belongings you’d like to move yourself to the same corner of each room is a nice uniform way to make sure clients and movers are on the same page with what goes and what stays,” he explains.

Bring Simplicity to a Move with Color Coding
When it comes to moving boxes, Turner suggests using a color-coding system to streamline the process and ensure that every box gets moved to the right room. “If you pair boxes with a particular color on each doorway at the new place, this allows the movers to get a visual representation of where every box needs to go a lot quicker.”

Examine Your New Laundry Outlets Before You Move
“Check your dryer power plug,” says Turner of the outlets at the location a client moves to."Dryers are notorious for having different power plug ins— for example 3-prong as opposed to 4-prong outlets— at different locations. Checking this ahead of time can save a lot of last-second stress when it comes to being able to do laundry after the move.”