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mōshn In Motion

Secure Stylish, Sexy And Comfortable Shoes For Women Constantly On The Move

Style matters when it comes to shoes but many consider comfort a must! Footwear intentionally geared to skip typical breaking-in periods is available through the fashionable yet functional brand aptly named 'mōshn.' 

"By applying a curved Dynamic Motion Technology outsole that matches the natural movement of her feet, we created a new type of shoe to help women move with ease throughout their day," explains mōshn marketing director Victoria Feldman.

"As my holy grail with three young kids, this shoe does everything it claims," she promises, stating it helps wearers to move effortlessly from work, lunch dates, running errands, kids sports and fur baby walks, all in one 24-hour period.

Made by family-owned and Sullivan-headquartered company Latitudes, best known for their comfortable brand KLOGS footwear popular among health care and hospitality professionals, Victoria says they applied the same technology for women on-the-go. The shoes' outsoles and footbeds are made with a proprietary polyurethane formula that provides exceptional shock absorption and superior energy return. "It's about providing comfort that outlasts anyone's everyday activity," she states. 

Victoria says Dynamic Motion Technology offers heel stability, and customers often share they see improved posture after wearing. "Our shoes support joint care and overall foot health, which is too often overlooked until it’s too late.”

All styles in the mōshn line are made from a material called SmartKnit, which is a stain- and water-resistant material that's also machine washable; this allows shoes to be kept fresh, even with wearing them without socks.

According to recent Heeluxe footwear lab research, Victoria says mōshn shoes' comfort is holding up three to five times more than other popular sneakers in the market. "Our shoe doesn't compress or wear down over time, so the comfort you feel when you first try them on is the same as the one-thousandth time you wear them."

Victoria says this line features great recovery shoes to slip on after exhausting workout classes such as spin, yoga or pilates. 

To broaden awareness, the mōshn team partners with other St. Louis regional businesses, such as fitness and yoga-based studios. They also recently teamed up with Narwahl's Crafted, a chic cocktail lounge with frozen and specialty drinks, to provide 'Shoes and Booze' for Nurses Week. 

"All of our styles were created to make our customers' days easier. We want to help lighten their load and keep them moving forward," Victoria assures. 

Even the names of the product line subcategories of mōshn shoes reflect active lifestyles:  Leap (a tailored oxford), Rhythm, Pulse (both traditional sneaker styles), Vigor (the heavy hitter), and Rise (great for transitional seasons). The company's mantra is "live life forward" and the shoes are made purposefully for "the makers and the doers." As one mōshn customer, Melissa Mroz, stated: "I’m a mom and teacher always on the go. I love the arch support they provide. It’s like a little foot massage all day long. Highly recommend!!"

Customer and registered nurse Jenna Feldmann said her mōshn shoes are the most comfortable pair she'd ever had. "I work in a procedure area so I am on my feet standing and walking all day; these shoes are so light and supportive that my feet don’t feel the fatigue I’ve had with other shoes. When I first tried them on, they felt different than what I was used to, but after wearing them for a few minutes, I could definitely feel how much more comfortable and supportive they are. These shoes are definitely worth it."

After launching the mōshn line during March 2022 as a shoe that propels wearers forward literally and figuratively, Victoria says the company's team members are often told by customers that these shoes put more pep in their step.