Replenish Your Body's Vitamins

Mulberry Vitamin Infusions Supplies The Thompson Station Community With Both Restoring IVs And A Joyful Environment

Mulberry Vitamin Infusions (MVI) has become a place of rejuvenation and community for the Spring Hill area. Founder and Medical Director of all Mulberry Clinics, Dr. Theron Hutton, MD, and Clinical Manager, Jennifer Evans, FNP, discuss both the benefits of IV infusions and what sets MVI apart. 

“At the clinic, we administer intravenous fluid and vitamins through a tiny IV catheter directly into the vein for the purpose of helping people to live their best lives. We deal with people who have low energy, brain fog, and gut absorption issues and also help people with very specialized treatment plans when they have chronic illnesses,” Jennifer says.

Dr. Hutton provides a further explanation on the purpose and benefits of IVs. “IVs can be really beneficial to people with chronic fatigue, persistent immune dysfunction, gut dysfunction, inflammatory bowel conditions and other things where absorption of nutrients is impaired. A lot of people have poor gut health for a number of reasons these days. They're on medications that inhibit the absorption of micronutrients, vitamins, and minerals. And so they’re not getting enough nutrients from their food. In these cases, IVs are a great way to get some of those basic nutrients into the body without having to rely on your gut,” Dr. Hutton explains. “Another thing we can do is give special nutrients directly into the bloodstream to help with cellular repair, detoxification, and antioxidants. Vitamin C is one and glutathione is another. Achieving concentrations in the blood that are hard to get directly through oral consumption is a huge benefit of using IVs.”

While there are many benefits to the IV vitamin infusions, MVI's atmosphere makes the clinic an even more beneficial place to be, according to Jennifer. “One thing that sets Mulberry Vitamin Infusions apart is that we only hire RNs to administer IVs. We customize every single treatment for every single patient, every single time. We really try to provide an atmosphere where people can relax and enjoy their time,” Jennifer says. “We have a private room if people just want to be alone. But we also have an open space where we’ve seen that people can build community and schedule their appointments with their friends. I sometimes wonder if there's just as much benefit to sitting for an hour and just sharing your life, burdens, and joys which happens organically in our environment.”

The knowledgeable nurses at MVI are yet another reason the clinic is set apart for its outstanding work. “The camaraderie is not just among the patients, it’s with the nurses as well. A lot of times patients book their appointments on the schedule of the nurse that they have come to know because there's a trust factor there,” Jennifer says. “Our nurses are all very personable, so they will sit and talk with people and explain things,” Dr. Hutton describes. “They know a lot of the patients on a personal level, and people find that comforting and appreciate that. Certainly, people can come in and just do their work or go in a room and open a laptop and get things done. It’s pretty flexible in terms of what people need. And MVI has given the nurses the ability to utilize the skills they have in terms of administering IVs and monitoring patients in a very customized way. But it also lets them talk to patients, get to know them, see what their needs are, and establish a real, personal, compassionate, caring relationship with everybody that comes in.” Dr. Hutton explains.

MVI is located at 5226 Main Street in Spring Hill.

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