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Muletown Superhero

Spider-Man creator Stan Lee once said, “You know one of the greatest things about Spider-Man’s outfit? He is completely covered, so any kid could imagine he’s Spider-Man because no color of the skin shows. I think that was the best thing we did, making him so it could be anybody under that costume.”

In 2021, an anonymous Columbia resident was determined to decrease some of the tension caused by the pandemic and politics by putting on the Spiderman costume gifted by his boss. When he put on the suit and felt its power of positivity, he knew what he had to do. He was inspired by others around the country who have made an impact on their community in the red and blue suit. So he officially became the friendly neighborhood Muletown Spiderman. It’s now his “great responsibility” to put a smile on all of the civilians of Columbia. 

Muletown Spiderman can be seen in the square meeting fans, especially on the weekends. He’s thrilled to be able to make people laugh and brighten their day. He loves when people yell out “Spiderman!” and then ask for a picture. Local shops like Tin Cottage and Smith & York Co. have been extremely supportive of his mission. Marianne at Tin Cottage says, “Muletown Spiderman and MJ have definitely become a fixture in the Downtown Columbia scene. Local kiddos come in on First Fridays looking for the webbed crusader and Spiderman always has time to stop for selfies! There’s always excitement when he is in the shop.”

After gaining popularity around town, he now provides entertainment for birthday parties and events. Spiderman says, “I have been practicing flips and those are still hard for me, but I can do somersaults and can climb up and hold onto walls and do poses.” He continues, “I’ve discovered I’m really flexible, so I can go down low on my legs like Spiderman does when he shoots his webs.”

Muletown Spiderman’s favorite movie is “Spider-Man: No Way Home” since it features three of the actors who have played Spider-Man. On his days off from spider duties, he is a house boat builder just outside of Columbia. He recently moved in with his new fiancé, who he calls his Mary Jane. For Mule Day, she and his friends all dressed up in his Spiderman costumes to join the festivities downtown. After all, as Miles Morales says, “Anyone can wear the mask.” Instagram: @muletown_spiderman