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Murphy Business

Excellence in Business Transactions

Businesses are Dan Bauer’s business. Alongside his partner Pat Steffl, Dan heads Murphy Business of Minnesota: one of 130 offices that comprise the largest and most successful business brokerage in North America. Whether you would like to sell your company and retreat to a sunnier climate – or purchase an established business, and forgo the trails that shutter most startups within a decade of their grand openings – then you want to call (952) 484-7222 and ask for Dan.

“We serve a broad range of buyers,” said Dan. “Some know exactly which industry they wish to enter, like the auto mechanic who wants to cut the ribbon on a garage which already has a loyal customer base. Some simply want a car wash, laundromat or other turnkey that will supplement their existing income. Some are eager to turn their new business into their new full-time job. Many others have already established themselves in their industries and look forward to expansion. No matter our buyer’s goal, Murphy Business’s nationwide network of 300 brokers delivers exactly the opportunity they seek.

“Buying a business after it has already been established is far more conducive to success than building one from the ground up. Several years typically separate a startup from income – and income, for reasons I probably don’t have to explain, is extremely important. When you buy an established business, you receive much more than its location, equipment and staff. You also receive its cash flow. You’re making money on day one, and you continue making it whether you stay the course or implement an even better strategy.

“Serving our sellers begins with determining exactly what their businesses are worth. I believe Murphy Business’s valuations are the most comprehensive and accurate in our industry. Our 20-page report considers a business’s previous three to five years of financials, recent sales of comparable businesses in the same industry, and countless other nuances which, considered altogether, typically have a material impact on a business’s fair market value. 

“Our reports are so exhaustive that they frequently draw attention to areas where our sellers’ businesses are underperforming. By addressing those shortcomings before they decide to list, our sellers are able to realize substantially greater profits on closing day.

“Once we have set a price that safeguards our seller’s equity without alienating potential buyers, we set to work marketing their property. We list on 16 different websites, conduct direct advertising campaigns, and spread the word through the network Murphy Business has spent almost three decades creating. Our team knows investors across the country who are in acquisition mode and who are waiting for us to bring them opportunities.

“Despite the wide net we cast, we also keep our sellers’ listings confidential. Their employees, vendors and clients won’t know about the transition until the day of closing, which assures no interruptions that could affect either party’s bottom line. We help the transition go even more smoothly by apprising the seller’s clients of the change of ownership, arranging for the seller to stay with the business for up to a year so they can show the buyer the ropes, and ensuring that the company’s existing bookkeeper, accountant, attorney, and other key professionals all stay on the same page. In short, we do everything we’re able to set the stage for a business’s continued profitability. 

“Many of our clients come to us as buyers and end up as sellers. A few years ago we helped a gentleman from the corporate world purchase a small manufacturing concern. He paid less for it than he made in one year, and he recently sold it for $5 million. Success stories like that are Murphy Business’s business!”

  • Dan Bauer, Business Broker