Music for the Ages

Connecting People, Cultures and Generations Through Music

Bright-eyed, fresh out of school and passionate as ever, siblings Sarah, Miriam and Joshua Chari set out to make a career of their love for music. They quickly discovered an entire community of both children and adults with that same fire for creating and performing—and Music By Tritone was born. Since 2002, they've been serving the communities of Roswell, East Cobb and Alpharetta through dynamic music lessons and educational programs.

When creating Music By Tritone, they envisioned a new approach to music education. Neither of the most common methods for teaching music sufficiently met student needs. Lessons were either too traditional and tedious, with no room for creative experimentation, or they were unstructured and pedagogically unsound, with no real roadmap to success.

"With Music By Tritone, we felt we could inspire, motivate and teach fundamentals systematically while allowing students to shape their own curriculum, repertoire and musical journey," says owner Joshua Chari.

With an impressive team of professional jazz, rock and classical musicians at the helm, Music By Tritone has progressed to offer a broad range of services. One of the most popular is weekly one-on-one lessons for piano, guitar, ukulele, voice, violin, viola, cello, bass, drums, saxophone, brass or woodwinds guided by expert instructors with professional backgrounds in their respective instruments. No two sessions are exactly alike. Classes cater to students and their individual goals by design, whether learning a song, prepping for a competition or building a music career. 

Music By Tritone also offers summer camps and year-round group workshops for students interested in performing arts in any capacity. Budding rockstars, classical virtuosos and musical theatre performers can all find a program tailored to them. Anyone looking to hone their skills through regular performances should consider joining one of their ensemble groups for all ages, which include rock bands, a youth orchestra and a community orchestra. Those interested can attend the orchestra's upcoming performance on April 20 at the Roswell Cultural Arts Center for a listen.

Regardless of age or musical ability, no one is too young, old, under or over-experienced to invest in music education. Music By Tritone welcomes adults and children at any place in their musical journey.

"Our adults range in age from 18 to 80 and the benefits are potentially life-changing," assures Joshua.

According to him, music lessons can be psychologically stabilizing. They're a natural stress reliever and a way for adults to deepen their connections with themselves and others. Those with even a slight musical interest can reap the benefits tenfold when they take steps to pursue it.

Joshua is also avid in his belief that "Music is one of the greatest gifts we can give our children." Not only for its physical and neuro-muscular benefits, but also for the educational enrichment it fosters. So much so that colleges seek out applicants with a history of musical study. There's a strong correlation between those who practice music and successful academics.

"If the purpose of education is to prepare us for life and increase our appreciation of the universe, an education devoid of music robs us of one of our most fundamental human connections," says Joshua.

Still, music's psychological impact outweighs other advantages.

"I've watched students build confidence through creative expression, manage anxiety and stress through their art and develop amazing communication skills because of their musical study," says Joshua.

Music is truly a universal language. It drives deeper interaction and understanding among people. It transcends culture and language. It is the premise that Music By Tritone is built upon.

"The language of music is common to all generations and nations; it is understood by everybody, since it is understood with the heart."– Gioacchino Rossini

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Music isn't exclusive to age or ability. Music By Tritone's adult ensemble exemplifies this.

"They [Zac and Joshua] don't expect perfection, just progress. They know we are at different levels, and they encourage us with positive support and funny anecdotes to make ourselves not take it all too seriously." - Mandy, adult ensemble.

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