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Music for Your Current Mood


Article by Hayley Hyer

Photography by Stock Images

Whether you need to get up, stretch and have a dance party while working from home or you need to climb in the bathtub and decompress from a stressful day, here are three articles filled with playlists that are exactly what you need for your current feelings.

1. Music to Dance to While Working from Home

"All you have to do is set your computer up at a high-rise table or a tall countertop in your house. You can also stack some books under your computer to make sure your screen is eye-level when you are standing. From there, turn on some tunes and just start bouncing back and forth while you type! You can sway your hips and bend your knees without ever needing to take your hands off your keys. I promise it works."

2. Happy Music for Working from Home

"Sometimes complete silence is even more distracting than people trying to talk to you. If your work from home atmosphere feels quiet, or if you just need some upbeat music to boost your mood, here are some fun, happy playlists you can find on whatever music streaming service you use."

3. Peaceful Music to Help You De-Stress

"In stressful times, it can be hard to drown out all of the noise. We take in the news to stay updated, and we talk to friends and family about everything going on to process how we feel. Sometimes it's all too much, and we need to take some time to settle in and unwind."

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