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Music Men

The Kraft Family and the Alpharetta Chorus

Music has always been a part of the Kraft family’s lives. Beginning in third grade Dieter Kraft participated in school band, starting with cornet, then later taking piano instructions and singing in the school choir. He continued playing cornet in college and even did a few stints with a square dance band. His younger siblings also enriched their lives through the school programs, his brother as a saxophonist and his sister as an exceptional pianist and organist. 

Inspired by their own parents who each sing and play instruments, Dieter and his wife Sandra (the couple will celebrate 46 years of marriage in July) have always felt music is a participatory event and an important part of growing. Strongly encouraging their four children (two boys and two girls) to participate in the musical opportunities offered through the school system resulted in each child playing various instruments and singing in the school choir.

Sandra and Dieter began singing with their church choir about eight years ago, performing large and wonderfully produced cantatas on Christmas and Easter. 

Five years ago they began searching for more advanced opportunities to grow their singing skills and were delighted to find The Alpharetta Community Chorus, and its instructors Tom and Robin Yackley in 2017. They convinced their son Kurt (who had Tom Yackley as an instructor in high school) to join them in 2019. Dieter claims “Sandra and I twisted Kurt's arm hard to get him to join, not due to lack of interest on his part but due to lack of time. He works long hours, has five children under the age of 8, and another on the way. We felt he needed an opportunity to do something for himself and we knew he loved singing. I feel proud that I can sing with him and we can do something together.” Dieter went on to express his feelings about chorus, “The Alpharetta Community Chorus brings a pride to my soul where I can say ‘I belong.’” 

The Alpharetta Community Chorus began making music together in September of 2013. They regularly perform three public concerts per year (October, December and May) at the Alpharetta Presbyterian Church, a summer weekend workshop, and additional performances throughout the community.