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Music Partnership Built on Excellence

Tailoring the learning experience to each student

Driven by a vision for teaching excellence, The Guitar Sanctuary Performance Academy’s piano, guitar, and cello teacher Cameron Herren finds the balance between fun and high standards for each student. Cameron began with The Guitar Sanctuary nine years ago, building his student base and reputation. But for Cameron, it’s all about the love of teaching and creativity of music that gets him excited. Cameron enjoys the challenge of figuring out how to teach each student better each time they meet.

Cameron’s process of working with new students begins with understanding parent and student expectations. He tailors lessons to combine those expectations with the essentials that every musician needs. Essentials include basic scales and techniques, as well as the health of the hands and arms. As athletes must strengthen their muscles, musicians must strengthen the small muscles in their hands to avoid injury. Cameron teaches students how to do that.

Cameron stresses the importance of communication with parents in the student’s learning process. Parents are critical in assisting students in organizing their time to ensure their child completes their daily practice time.

What gets Cameron’s students excited about music is the inclusion of improvisation in their lessons. A somewhat lost art in the classical pianist world, improvisation teaches students the skillset needed to create their own music using harmonic progressions and melodic composition. Improvisation allows students to personalize their music to the individual.

For years Cameron dreamt of having his students enter into a competition. That dream became a reality this past summer when eight piano students entered Dr. Luis Sanchez’s sonatina contest hosted by Texas A&M University. Due to the COVID restrictions, the competition was online, but that made it no less exciting when all eight students received good marks. Two of his students received the highest marks possible.

As with every business, COVID presented new challenges for Cameron and The Guitar Sanctuary. Unable to conduct in-person lessons mid March through May, The Guitar Sanctuary turned to online lessons using Discord for audiovisual capabilities. Cameron says that the success of online lessons was possible with the support of The Guitar Sanctuary and a strong commitment from students and parents.

After the restrictions were lifted, in-person lessons resumed. But there is still a place for virtual lessons. Some of Cameron’s students continue with virtual lessons, and many use the online option for make-up lessons.

Cameron says that he continues to be impressed every day by his students. Many go above and beyond what he asks because they have fallen in love with music. Some will come to their lessons with a piece of music they have composed themselves. These are a couple of examples of why Cameron chose teaching over composing or doing gig work. It’s gratifying for him to be a part of the progress his students are making.

Cameron’s message to all parents is to add music lessons to your child’s academic curriculum. They will learn more than just how to play an instrument. They will understand how to manage their time and gain the confidence necessary to perform in front of people. Both skills are critical as they advance to the workplace in their adult lives. Cameron is committed to helping the next generation grow and flourish through the skills they learn from playing an instrument.

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