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Music that speaks

I couldn't just pick 10 songs released last year that spoke to me, but instead, I have to take you there and show you my favorite albums and singles released in 2019, along with five songs that I’ve really been feeling this past year. I hope you enjoy these rad songs and I encourage you to make your own list and share with #LifestyleNYE!

Best Albums Released in 2019

Miss Universe – Nilufer Yanya

Best Song: “In Your Head” 

Second Best Song: “The Unordained” 

Genre: Indie pop/rock

If you love pop music but you think it’s too saturated synths and trap beats, check out this awesome guitar-driven album. It’s a relatable ode to youth that transcends age and will make you want to stomp around and headbang! I strongly recommend listening to the album in its entirety because it’s got some great preludes, but if that’s not your thing, at the very least, listen to “In Your Head” and thank me later.

Walk Through Fire – Yola

Best Song: “Still Gone”

Second Best Song: “Faraway Look”

Genre: Singer-Songwriter

This is a super passionate album that’s bound to make even the biggest top 40s stan cripple in the wake of Yola’s booming voice. Walk Through Fire is a truly beautiful album that not only has great production value but amazing lyrical content. It’s hoppy and has a great feel to it that takes you through the musical stylings of past decades but is also rooted in contemporary production, instrumentation and lyrics.  

Turn Off The Lights – Kim Petras

Best Song: “Close Your Eyes”

Second Best Song: “i don’t wanna die…”

Genre: Electro-Pop

For those of you who are more electronically inclined, Kim Petras’ offers up an experimental and infectious pop album that even makes the faintest of hearts consider switching to the dark side. Originally released as a Halloween EP last year, Petras completed the album this year and released it as a full-length LP. The album is fast-paced, spooky, glamorous and fun to listen to when dubbing over Gucci fashion shows. It’s a really great listen and even has Elvira, Mistress of the Dark featured on a song, so how could you not?

King Of The Dudes – Sunflower Bean

Best Song: “The Big One”

Second Best Song: “Fear City”

Genre: Rock

By far the absolute best album I’ve heard all year. It encompasses everything I love about music; David Bowie, distorted guitars, a female vocalist/lyricist and infectious melodies that hasten your heartbeat and step. I saw them live in March and joined a mosh pit for the first time in my life, got slapped around a little bit and STILL love this album. Sunflower Bean is a band to watch and I promise you that within seconds of listening to King Of The Dudes you will ditch your Patagonia pullover for a leather jacket. 

Ventura – Anderson Paak

Best Song: “Come Home”

Second Best Song: “Make It Better (feat. Smokey Robinson)”

Genre: Neo-Soul

A very classic neo-soul album, Venture is an emotional album filled with killer features and beats that make you want to manifest destiny. This solid album has incredible instrumentation that mixes basic percussion with beautiful synths that when met with Anderson Paak’s unique voice create a squall of lovingly heartbreaking tunes. This is a great album to put on during a dinner party or play in your car as you decompress. 


5 Best Singles Released in 2019

  1. “Patience” – Tame Impala

  2. “Eat, Sleep, Wake (Nothing But You) – Bombay Bicycle Club

  3. “Ode to Sacrifice” – Samia

  4. “Venom” – Little Simz

  5. “6’s to 9’s” – Rationale

My Most-Played Songs of 2019

  1. “Baby” – Donnie & Joe Emerson

  2. “Season 2 Episode 3” – Glass Animals

  3. “One Way Trigger” – The Strokes

  4. “King Of The Dudes” – Sunflower Bean

  5. “Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel” – Tavares