Must-Reads for Expectant Parents

Hollie De Cruz was a godsend for the days leading up to my first page of motherhood. Her words are that of a friend who you've never met—encouraging, honest, and inspiring. Motherhood has been rewritten over and over as new generations take the stage and they're also rewriting the rules. Hollie reminds all women of their innate abilities and does a phenomenal job at making fear just a mirage. She lets women know that they are capable and that there is nothing more natural than birthing a baby. Her woods came by way of a life raft when I was home in isolation from the world around me, eager to learn about the experience I was about to have. 

Lily Nichols swims upstream in her book Real Food for Pregnancy. She breaks all the boundaries when it comes to fueling the pregnant body and gives insight on how to look for cues coming from your body before resorting to medical intervention. I highly recommend spending some time with her story and her educated viewpoint to give your body and your baby the best nutrition possible. 

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