A Cut Above

These Inner Loop steakhouses are known for their dry-aged beef, thick cuts, and impeccable service.

Georgia James

Started by acclaimed chef, Chris Shepherd, Georgia James prides itself on using quality ingredients, from their dry-aged Wagyu beef to locally sourced fresh produce. 

The restaurant sources its beef from 44 Farms in Cameron, Texas, and its American Wagyu comes from Snake River Farms in Boise, Idaho. Their signature steak, the Japanese A5 wagyu, is an absolute must-try! It arrives from Japan just days before arriving at the restaurant.

Besides having some of the best steaks in the city, the ambiance and service are top-notch. The wine list's constantly evolving collection and extremely knowledgeable Sommeliers make it a memorable experience to discover new labels. 

After spending several years at their Westheimer location, Georgia James finally arrived at its permanent home in Regent Square, which was custom designed for the restaurant itself. Above the elegant dining room is a second-story lounge area for guests to continue their evening with high-quality cocktails in a luxurious setting. 

Viet-Cajun Roasted Oysters

These thoroughly cooked oysters have an unmatched taste. The oysters are roasted in Cajun spices, which enhance the dish with tons of flavor. Bread is included with the appetizer for dipping into the flavorful broth.

Dry Aged Prime Cuts 
All meats are dry-aged in-house. Popular cuts include the ribeye, porterhouse, and the Japanese A5 wagyu.  A5 is the highest quality rating the Japanese government can give its beef meaning the beef's marbling, color, texture, and fat quality are all at their optimum. 

The "Baller Board"
This "off menu" high-end board features anything the chef feels like serving up that evening. This entrée is only available for a table of four and includes anything from premium wagyu to a fresh catch straight from the fisherman. 

Doris Metropolitan

Doris Metropolitan Israeli Steakhouse has garnered national recognition as one of the top restaurants in the city. This steakhouse isn't your average dining establishment. It boasts a menu that brings Houston an eclectic take on Israeli culture, featuring mouthwatering entrees prepared with fine cuts of meat and an innovative selection of sides.

The unique concept was inspired by owner Dori Rebi-Chia's butcher shop and restaurant in Israel named Doris Katzavim. Dori fell in love with Costa Rica while on vacation and decided to open his next restaurant there, partnering with Itamar Levy, Shachar Kurgan, and Itai Ben Eli. They then opened a restaurant in New Orleans in 2013, followed by River Oaks in 2017.

Of course, the shining stars of Doris Metropolitan are the steaks, including their 30 oz. bone-in Ribeye, 10o oz. Japanese Wagyu Striploin, and 8 oz. tenderloin served with bone marrow.

30oz Bone in Ribeye
The bone, along with the marbling of the cut, preserves the moisture and juiciness of the steak. This entrée is served with bone marrow to enhance the dish's flavor.

Bread Service
Doris Metropolitan serves the freshest pastries and handcrafted breads baked fresh daily by executive pastry chef Michal Michaeli.

Niña Mala
This cocktail starts with Brugal 1888 rum, which is extremely smooth and sweet with light spices and smoke, mixed with Thai chili, watermelon, lime, and Mala pepper.

Patton's Steakhouse

Patton's Steakhouse in The Houston Heights is a hidden gem - literally. The only way to enter this intimate and secluded restaurant is through their secret entrance - through the wine cellar of Patton's sister restaurant, Savoir.

The building itself gives this speakeasy-style restaurant a truly authentic feel. Newly renovated from an old 1920s warehouse, the interior maintains much of the old-world charm with features such as the high brick walls, 15ft ceilings, and dark interior. White linens and dazzling chandeliers add a touch of luxury and elegance.

Patton's menu is filled with classic steakhouse fare, high-quality cuts of meat, and decadent shareable sides. They boast the most extensive wine selection in the Heights alongside high-quality cocktails.

Tuna Tartare
A mouthwatering starter, Patton's tuna tartare has a creamy, buttery taste that melts in your mouth. The dish is served with smoked paprika aioli, cucumber, green onion, sesame seeds, shallot, and chives.

Beef Carpaccio
Paper-thin slices of raw beef finished with capers and onions, drizzled with olive oil and lemon juice. The dish is topped with dried shallots & onions, parsley, and aioli.

Bone-In Ribeye
Cooking this highly marbled steak with the bone in allows the meat to absorb the marrow's flavorful compounds, improving the flavor and juiciness of the steak.

Rosland's Grill & Bar

Rosland's Grill & Bar, Washington Avenue's newest dining destination, offers diners an unforgettable experience from the minute they walk in the door. This restaurant offers a more moderately priced and laid-back atmosphere versus your classic high-end steakhouse.

The restaurant was named after the fictional character, Rosland, who represents ladies of all ages and origins. She is a perfectionist with a long history of culture, commitment, and legacy, which embodies the restaurant's spirit. The interior includes colorful and comfy booths for diners to enjoy their meal.

The culinary is led by executive chef Cameron Cain, whose goal was to create a little bit of something for everyone on the menu, rather than focusing specifically on steaks. Rosland's unique and welcoming ambiance is reflected in the restaurant's menu, which features a variety of dishes from premium in-house cuts to fresh aquaponic salads.

Rosland’s is open approximately an hour after most nearby restaurants to give those with a later schedule a finer dining option.

Oysters and Bubbles
Raw Oysters topped with Charles Le Bel Brut reserve champagne, saffron and citrus foam, white sturgeon caviar, and edible 24K gold flakes.

Thai Steak Noodle Aquaponic Salad
Prime filet medallions with watercress, frisee, lo mein, grilled chilled mangos, avocado, heirloom cherry and Campari tomatoes and drizzled with Thai honey vinaigrette.

Smoke and Mirrors
This stunning hand-crafted cocktail is made with Lalo tequila, Siete Misterios mezcal, Anchos Reyes, Strawberry and Manzano. 

Ribeye Crescent 
This highly marbled steak is one of the most favorable cuts available. It is the rarest and most limited cut of beef in the butchering harvest. 

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