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5. Sushi by Scratch

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What I'm Loving This Month

There are so many amazing things to do, see, experience, support, buy and celebrate in Austin it’s sensory overload, in the best possible way. Here are six things I’ve been loving that I think you may too – from a book and elixirs to keep your skin looking its best all summer, to yoga on the farm – that I’ve been waiting to return since last spring! Don’t forget to check out the market for fresh vegetables and local honey after the workout!

1. Make No Small Plans:  New book by Austinites Jeff Rosenthal, Brett Leve and their Summit co-founders Elliot Bisnow and Jeremy Schwartz that shares lessons learned building a business. Available on Amazon

3. Intelligent Elixirs: This female-founded skincare company is now sold at Central Market with everything from foundation with SPF to serums and moisturizers

4. Austin FC: There are few things I find more fun than supporting our hometown soccer team. They make it fun to be a fan.

5. Sushi by Scratch: Obsessed with this bite and the personalization at this omakase speakeasy inside the Hyatt Lost Pines.

6. Swift Events Farm Yoga at Boggy Creek: It’s the most zen way to start Saturday.

7. Ranch Rider: The local favorite recently introduced a no sugar added sugar Margarita, and it’s delish!

  • 1 Allen Ruiz Salon
  • 2.  Make No Small Plans
  • 3. Intelligent Elixirs
  • 7. Ranch Rider's latest variety - Margarita!
  • 4 Verde forever
  • 5. Sushi by Scratch
  • 6. Farm Yoga at Boggy Creek