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My Favorite Things

What I'm Loving This Month...

November. Falling into a time of gratitude and taking stock of some things that bring me joy right here in Austin – like blissful massages, good books, being blonder, moving my body, delicious bites and positive energy to be present for it all.

Super ENRGY: From the trio of DeCicco brothers who own Kitu’s Super Coffee comes Super ENRGY, positive energy in delicious flavors. Exclusively at HEB and Amazon.

Love Cycle: Love Cycle delivers on creating community while persevering through high energy 45-minute indoor cycling class.

2609 Perseverance Dr, Austin, TX 78731

Austin Deep: I love a deep tissue massage and Austin Deep founder Jessica Price teaches a technique that ensures massages are consistent and divine every time.

Erin DeWitt/Wild Mane Salon: The hairdresser even hairdressers visit to get blond(er). Whether Dallas Blonde or Lived-In Blonde, Erin can get the hue for you.

Walton’s Fancy & Staple Golden Eggs: From Sandra Bullock’s family recipe, these nutmeg infused yellow cake balls dipped in butter and cinnamon are heavenly.

City of Likes: Jenny Mollen’s fictional tale (based on pieces of reality) that’s a quick read – and likely to make you rethink your relationship with Instagram.

  • at Austin Deep
  • Super Enrgy
  • The Golden Eggs; photo by Dani Parsons